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Holiday Brews

‘Tis the season of mulled wine, eggnog, and apple cider. They’re traditional. With these holiday beverages, you know exactly what to expect. But with the recent explosion of small, local brewers, there’s a new holiday drink in town, it’s crisp, it’s bubbly, and it’s only around for a short-time. We’re talking about hand-crafted, special edition, holiday brews. During the holidays, most breweries release their most coveted and rare beer. For avid beer drinkers, the release is highly anticipated. From high alcohol contents to unique seasonal spice blends, holiday releases are far from ordinary – the beer to bring the cheer during the holidays.

Holiday Brews Collective Arts will be releasing a special-edition holiday blend, expected to hit the shelves at the end of November/early December.

Their Barrel Aged Imperial Porter is a super-charged version of their Imperial Porter. Aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for over a year, this new Collective Project delivers a smooth combination of rich chocolate flavours from their Imperial Porter, married with vanilla and warming alcohol from the barrels.

Coming  in 500 ml bottles – this one will warm you up this winter, or cellar it for next year.

Holiday Brews

Merit brewing is brewing something special just in time for the holidays this year. Beer drinkers can expect two new beers in their Nowhere series. Nowhere is their Imperial Stout, with notes of sweet dark chocolate, cappuccino, and vanilla. Like a fine wine, this beer is best enjoyed slowly over time, aged in a cool cellar. 

Merit will also be releasing South of Nowhere, a limited release alongside Nowhere. South of Nowhere begins with the base of their Imperial Stout and is amplified by adding stronger flavours. This unique hot-chocolate beer has Buffalo Trace bourbon, Mexican hot chilies, and cocoa. Notes of vanilla, baking spices, honey, dark chocolate, and creamy coffee dominate the aroma and palate. As with Nowhere, South of Nowhere is ideal for cellaring for years as the flavours develop.

Holiday Brews

Winter White Stout – the holiday season in a glass. This special on-off holiday beer brewed by Grain & Grit Beer Co. is brewed with candy-cane and cacao. It has a peppermint and chocolate aroma with a sweet, smooth, creamy mouthfeel, and hearty grain backing. To achieve the white stout, Grain & Grit’s Brewmaster introduces flavours that resemble those found in stout, such as chocolate, rather than using dark malts. This beer is making it’s second debut after flying off the shelves last year. Perfect for the beer drinker who prefers a finish that is dry and slightly bitter.  

Holiday Brews

Shawn & Ed have a little something for everyone this holiday season.  Their American Pale Ale is a classic copper ale with a subtle sweetness characterized from the crystal malt used with this brew. The finish is smooth and dry. This classic pale ale is distinctly known for the citrus notes found from American finishing hops.

Next, we have their OctoberSHED – smooth, hearty Oktoberfest beers have been made for centuries to welcome the change of seasons and a bountiful harvest. This beer is smooth with rounded flavours displaying a beautiful malt character.

Shawn & Ed will also have their Créme BREWlee available this holiday season. This full-bodied dark lager is the perfect dessert beer with notes of vanilla and caramel. The caramel flavour and sweet finish compliments the bitterness from the leafy hops used in this brew.

Lastly, Look Local is excited to announce the release of Scottish Ale – coming in December. Overwhelmingly malty, with a rich and dominant sweet malt flavour and aroma. A caramel character is also front and centre with this brew, perfect for the holidays. You may pick up a light smoked peat flavour. Explore the depths of taste with Shawn & Ed.

Holiday Brews

By Anneliese Lawton

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