From The Beatles, With Love

From The Beatles, With Love

The Beatles’ influence on our culture and our music has been profound. Ever since the Fab Four swept onto the Ed Sullivan TV stage in 1964 and sang their hearts out as the audience screamed in delight, the world hasn’t been the same.

Since that historic moment more than 50 years ago, the Beatles’ music has been enjoyed by new generations and continues to mesmerize and entertain. It was no surprise then when the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s Beatles tribute in the 2016-2017 season was such a huge hit, selling out three weeks ahead of time and earning rave reviews. 

Following on the overwhelming popularity of that show, the HPO decided to offer another performance based on the Beatles. In the spirit of love, this show is called “From the Beatles, with Love” and will be performed for two nights, February 15 and 16.

A special feature of the Friday night performance will be an after party where people can meet the HPO musicians and some of Hamilton’s singer-songwriters. The HPO was thrilled that conductor Darcy Hepner signed on again as the guest conductor for the show. As HPO executive director Diana Weir said, they can’t say enough about Darcy’s talents and how excited they are that he is working with them. 

Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

“Darcy is one of the HPO’s guest conductors, and he’s a great musician and arranger,” said Diana.“He wrote the parts for all of the musicians and really evoked all of the emotions from the Beatles music.” 

Diana added that the shows were purposely scheduled close to Valentine’s Day “so people will really feel the romantic spirit of the songs.”

This year’s show includes a collection of classic love songs, like All You Need Is Love, Hey Jude, and Something. Diana said many people may not know that Darcy’s father, Lee Hepner, conducted the HPO back in the 60s, so he has followed in his father’s footsteps. 

As for the pre-concert talk, they will be offered on both nights and are run by the HPO’s composer in residence, Abigail Richardson-Schulte. Darcy will also come out and speak to the audience and highlight some of the stories behind the music.

“The pre-concert talk gives people some insight into the music they’re going to experience. Darcy will come out and talk about putting the music together and working with the artists,” said Diana. “It’s particularly beneficial if the music is challenging classical music.”

There are usually about 200 who attend pre-concert talks. As Weir said, the high number of people who attend them reflects the fact that people like the opportunity to hear from the artists.

“When people are conducting, the audience doesn’t get a chance to know the person who is on stage. This is also an opportunity to hear what the artists think about the music they’re playing,” said Diana. 

You can buy your tickets online or call the box office at 905-526-7756. 

by Denise Davy


Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

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