Serial entrepreneur Bisma Bhatti founded Lennon, in May, 2021.  She designed Lennon as a capsule collection of timeless pieces that would combat the waste of fast-fashion. Her goal was to create a complete and sustainable wardrobe that would stand the test of time.

The slogan “Free of Gender. Full of Love. #LennonForAll” is something that Bisma is exceptionally passionate about.  Her belief that ‘gender is a social construct’ was paramount in designing this line, so choosing an androgynous name for the company was equally as important.

Why a children’s line?  Bisma felt that if she were entering the world of fashion, she had a responsibility to create inclusive sizing.  Until she was able to master the perfect fit for all, she had, according to her, “no business being in that space”.  Children’s clothing however providing the unique advantage of “standardized sizing” up to a certain age, so Bisma decided to launch a kids line.

Bisma’s commitment to sustainability is also apparent with Lennon’s “Trade In, Sustainably” program.  After you’ve handed down your Lennon garments, you are encouraged to send them back so the company can sustainably recycle portions for future garments.  In return, you’ll receive 10% off your next order.




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