Achieving a successful life starts with self-love and self-care.

That’s the foremost belief that inspired Toronto’s Liza Martinenko to found Mood Milk.

“When I was going through nutrition school, I was having a hard time managing my stress levels and anxiety. I was not taking care of myself, and it showed. I realized one of the things that exacerbated my symptoms was my coffee consumption.”

As a holistic nutritionist, Liza was determined to apply her skills and knowledge to reimagine the latte in a wholly natural and nutritional way, to provide a healing alternative to coffee.

“I decided to ditch my daily brew and experiment with superfoods and herbs that I was learning about in class. I soon discovered that incorporating these ingredients into my daily routine made me feel so much better!”

Liza turned her passion into a business, joining forces with her marketing guru friend Randi Patterson and officially launching Mood Milk in late 2019.

Made from high-quality all-natural ingredients, all four superfood + adaptogen blends (Beet Chai, Spiced Vanilla, Coconut Matcha, and Golden Turmeric) help nourish the body and mind with every sip.

Liza says that Mood Milk blends are the perfect addition to a meaningful self-care ritual – whether you have it while meditating, doing yoga, reading, taking a bath, or walking in nature!

“Women’s health, stress management and natural medicine have always been very dear to my heart. So when Mood Milk came to fruition and bridged all three of my passions, I knew it needed to be shared with the world. I am so humbled to be part of such a beautiful community and to have the honor to provide you with a beverage that is as equally delicious as it is healing. Move over coffee, this is a job for Mood Milk!”


Is there anyone in particular who has inspired you along your journey?

All the powerful, badass women around me! I was inspired to create Mood Milk for the hard-working, ambitious women who deserve some self-care and stress relief. As I grow my business, I am constantly meeting incredible women who inspire me to keep going and growing into who I want to be.

How do you source your ingredients?

Our ingredients are our top priority at Mood Milk. We ensure that our ingredients are certified organic to minimize exposure to chemicals and to ensure that we support sustainable farming practices. We also look at minimizing any unnecessary additives when sourcing our ingredients to deliver a product that is as clean as possible.

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur /small biz owner?

I love that I get to make an impact through my business by creating products that make others feel good. I get to share my knowledge about nutrition through my products and help them create better daily habits that ultimately allow them to get more out of life. That is truly rewarding!

What’s the mission behind Mood Milk?

Mood Milk is on a mission to reconnect women to themselves, empowering them to listen to their bodies and honour their needs and desires.

Our superfood blends are the perfect addition to a meaningful self-care ritual. By invigorating the senses, providing powerful nutrition and relaxing the body and mind, Mood Milk blends elevate daily “me time” to a healing practice.

Future plans for Mood Milk?

Our team is excited to keep growing and getting our products into the hands of more Canadians. Our plans include getting into more grocery stores and boutiques to make shopping with us easier. We are also dedicated to growing our online community and finding new ways to bring more value to our customers. We are currently working on setting up virtual meditation sessions and other educational opportunities for those who wish to work on their self-care routines.


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