Maison Apothecare is an outward expression of everything that is important to Founder, Formulator & President Natacha Rey: family, creativity, honesty, loyalty, and the planet.

Born in France and raised on an organic farm in Ontario, Natacha Rey spent her childhood making potions and lotions for her loved ones — using the ingredients she collected from nature. As an adult, she pursued this passion and studied homeopathic medicine at the Australian College of Natural Medicine where she earned a Bachelor of Health Science.

Natacha’s early career focused on formulating bespoke skincare products. With the birth of her first child in 2010, her creative energy materialized as Sleepy Owl Baby Care, one of Maison Apothecare’s popular product lines.

Today, Natacha continues to formulate new products (including Lemon Aide Surface Cleaner) for the whole family as she leads Maison Apothecare along the sometimes-bumpy road of business.

Maison Apothecare took a major hit during the pandemic and Natacha was forced to permanently close two of her three locations — Niagara-on-the-Lake and Bloor West Village. But the company has moved into a new location in Oakville’s Kerr Village, allowing Natacha to share her products in an environment that offers better distance, incredible natural light, and more.



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