Mission Possible: 100 People Who Care Group Proves “The Sum is Greater Than its Parts”

100 People Who Care Charity

Is it possible to turn $100 into $10,000 in just one night? Can an average Joe make a contribution to many great charities with just a small donation? The answers are yes and yes, if you’re part of a growing movement called 100 People Who Care.

This magical strategy is based on the idea that by uniting, it is possible for 100 community-minded members to $10,000 in financial support to a deserving community organization—simply by writing a cheque in the amount of $100 each. Armed with $100, their good hearts and the desire to help those in need directly in their community, members of the group pool their resources together and donate every last dime to a local charity.

Founded by Joe Carreiro in 2015, the simple model for 100 People Who Care Peel has been remarkably successful. The way it works is this: Members are asked to make a one-year commitment to meet in different local locations four times a year. Any attending member may nominate a charity for consideration at an event. Three eligible charities are randomly selected at the meeting to be voted on. Then, each member that nominated one of the three selected charities makes a brief, informal presentation about the organization to the group. Each member in attendance then votes for one of the three charities and the charity with the most votes will be the recipient charity.

The hour-long event is also a social night with food and drink and a networking opportunity to meet other philanthropes and brainstorm about their ideas. “The goal is to make it a fun place to be for the hour while doing something great to help the community,” explains Carreiro.

A typical average Joe group member might be a professional who is stretched for time, but who is also looking for ways to make a direct and positive impact on the lives of the people around them. Committed to their community, members are gratified to see 100 per cent of their donations go directly to the charity they are supporting. 

The uniqueness of 100 People Who Care is that all the money goes directly to the local charity that is being supported. The group has no bank account, no administration fees and everything is donated for each meeting, including the location and the food.

100 People Who Care Peel has, over the years, been able to give financial support to a number of deserving charities in the Mississauga area. Some local organizations in the area that have benefited from the group’s support include:

  • Armagh House
  • Alzheimer’s Society of Peel
  • Child’s Voice Foundation
  • Eden Food For Change
  • Heart House Hospice
  • Mississauga Food Bank
  • Punjabi Community Health Services
  • Radius Child & Youth Services
  • The Dam 

The next event takes place on June 25 at Erin Mills Pump and Patio, 1900 Dundas Street West. By being part of a group like 100 People Who Care Peel and donating $100 just 4 times a year, you can collectively give $40,000 worth of support directly to local charities in your neighbourhood.

The Details:

Who: 100 People Who Care Peel

Where: Mississauga

Commitment: An annual commitment is requested and meetups occur 4 times a year for an hour or less in March, June, September and November.

Donation: Members agree to donate $100 each at each of the quarterly meet ups to a local charity that is chosen that night.

Why: To be part of a group of like-minded people making an immediate, direct and positive impact on the lives of their neighbours.

Visit www.100peoplewhocare.ca for more information on local charities that have been supported by the group in the past, as well as how to get your charity nominated for support.

By Vanessa Jeakins

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