3 great places to connect with a stranger

Sometimes it’s nice just to have a pleasant conversation with our fellow human beings without an agenda, to just simply connect.

Talk to people in line ups.

Make conversations with people while you’re standing in line at your local grocery store, LCBO or coffee shop, etc. There’s always some little thing you can comment on and because lineups are boring, there’s a good chance they’d rather spend the time talking to you instead of staring at their phone.

Talk to other dog owners at off-leash dog parks.

If you don’t have a dog, you probably have plenty of friends with a pup who would love another walk! Whether you borrow one or have a small brood yourself, you’ll find it’s not unlike being a parent at a kid’s playplace —your fur babies will do most of the work for you.  As they romp around together you can strike up a conversation about how your dogs seem to like each other or how hard it’s going to be to get all that mud off of them afterwards!

Talk to people at live events.

AKA a networking event, a sporting event or a live show or concert. In this type of situation, there’s already common ground — you’re both there for the same reasons. At many events, there are breaks or intermissions where you can mingle with others and those are the perfect time to talk about the event you’re at or in some cases, where you’d rather be instead 🙂

Talking to strangers is a great skill to have, because it opens you up to making connections wherever you go!

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