A Care in the World: How 100 Women Who Care Gives Back


By Kristen Psihogios

When Christine Hull first envisioned giving back to her community, she was looking for something that women like her, often stretched for time but committed to local service, could help enlist positive change without an intensive time commitment. Prior to this, she had been involved in other fundraising groups and women’s organizations but hoped to make an impact in the community.

“I wanted to make a difference here in Mississauga,” she says. “I grew up here and came back when my husband and I were thinking of marriage and kids. It was important to me to make an impact here in my city.”

She came across the organization 100 Women Who Care but found that the Mississauga chapter had lapsed. Within weeks of sending an application to the 100 Alliance last February, she had the approval to relaunch.

The concept is simple—an innovative and immediate way to fundraise aimed at supporting grassroots charities and causes. 100 women, 1 hour, $100 each, $10,000 raised.

High impact, manageable time commitment.

Reaching out to clients, entrepreneurs, and friends Christine had an overwhelmingly positive response and it came together quickly.

“This is all run by 18 amazing volunteer women, with 100 percent of our funds going directly to the charity,” she notes. “A lot goes on in the background to make this one-hour meeting successful. We are fortunate to have fantastic women writing social media content, designing the website, editing content, finding sponsors and members—it is such a group effort!” Although it’s not quite the small commitment she had been looking for, the enthusiasm of the team and sponsors make it possible.

“We have a great group of women who are helping to create processes and guidelines as we move forward.”

With their official launch on April 20, the Mississauga chapter has committed to meet 3 times per year for one hour to choose a charity to receive the donation. Charities are nominated by members, and then 3 finalists are randomly drawn. Representatives from each organization will present their case to the committee during the Giving Circle Meeting and then members vote. Once the votes are in, each member donates $100. Simple. Effective. To be eligible, the benefiting group must be based in Mississauga, nominated by a member, and have an immediate and specific need to be fulfilled. This year, The Dam, a youth drop in and outreach centre in Meadowvale, will be the recipient.

The efficient way 100 Women who Care operates is clear proof that women really can do anything—making real grassroots change quickly and effectively. The impact is almost immediate with 100% of the donations going to the cause.

100 Women Who Care is currently at 50 members, including Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie and other councillors. They are looking for other compassionate and enthusiastic women who care deeply about local causes. Their next Giving Circle is December 8, and applications are open now with an info session October 19 at 7:30.

If you would like to give a one-time donation to be included in the sum going towards The Dam, please send an EMT to office@thedam.org and add a note “100 Women Who Care Mississauga” and your first and last name.

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