A Volunteer Masterpiece: A Gem of a Cookbook, Created for Love

The Compass Cookbook team wants you to know this: when you support The Compass Food Bank with a purchase of The Compass Cookbook, you’re doing so much more than just spending a little bit of money. The gem you’re getting in return is jam-packed with not only more than 150 delicious recipes from all over the globe, but with effort, love, passion and hope—and that’s priceless.

“This was the true definition of a labour of love,” says Evelyn Fraser, longtime Compass volunteer and a member of the Cookbook team. “We poured our hearts into this little book and we’re so proud with the way it turned out and its reception in the community.”

The story of the cookbook’s evolution goes like this: toward the end of 2020, a group of volunteers approached The Compass Food Bank wanting to create a book of recipes gathered from Compass volunteers, staff, board members and most importantly, the community. Without hesitation, the idea became reality. Invitations were extended, asking people to send in their most beloved recipes, along with any stories or interesting tidbits they wanted to share. The response was amazing, Fraser notes, “and what was especially touching was the recipes the kids sent in. We even got a handwritten one from a young girl who wanted to contribute.”

Then came the most difficult part: testing the final products!
“The team had the pleasure of taking turns making the dishes, then tasting them to see if they needed any adjustments,” Fraser explains. “It was so much fun!”

Then, after painstakingly poring over every draft of the cookbook, it was time for the team to let it go. They sent the book over to Options Printing, a Port Credit printer that provides people who have an intellectual disability with the opportunity to develop to their highest potential.

And the result?

“The cookbook turned out exactly like we had imagined,” Fraser says: a 168-page, spiral-bound bundle of fabulous, tasty recipes, information cooks can use, plus anecdotes and pure fun.

The community has responded, purchasing nearly 500 Compass Cookbooks so far.

Cookbooks are $20 each and you can buy yours by visiting thecompass.ca. You can also donate a cookbook to a Compass client.

The proceeds from The Compass Cookbook will be used to support programs that involve learning about buying and preparing healthy and nutritious food. 

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