Dreaming of a Green Christmas – Holiday Decorating with Fresh Greenery


As the holiday season approaches, we all want to make our homes look as magical and merry as possible. With so many people coming and going during the season, getting your home ready for the holidays can be both exciting—and daunting. As temperatures drop and we’re less keen to venture outdoors for fresh air, consider bringing some greenery indoors, using natural foliage to create a cozy hygge-holiday feel.

Whether you prefer bright, colourful décor or simple rustic adornment, nothing feels quite as festive as the sight and earthy smell of natural live greenery in your home. Twiggy branches, pine boughs, holly, and sprigs of mistletoe add to any vignette and can be easily incorporated into your personal interior design.

Pinecones and garlands and cuttings, oh my

If you’re looking for natural elements to add texture and charm to your home, try going for a walk or foraging for cuttings in your own backyard. Fallen branches, pinecones, and evergreen boughs are all easily accessible.

If you’re searching for more variety, our local Mississauga nurseries, florists, and tree lots have an abundance of choice during the season. Herridge’s Farmers Market in Clarkson boasts an extensive selection of garlands and cuttings, including magnolia, spruce, birch logs, and more.  Forgoing an artificial tree this year? Herridge’s Christmas tree selection is one of the best in the city with many varieties to choose from and their staff is always eager to help you and your family choose the perfect one.

Decorating with greenery also adds an organic quality to Christmastime. Greet guests as they enter your home with a gorgeous door wreath or outdoor holiday planters. Many nurseries have basic evergreen wreaths and planters already made and ready for you to customize with your own personal touch. An arrangement in the entryway can create a bit of woodland whimsy as a design element.

Plain and simple or intricate and ornate

When using greenery indoors, be as simple or as ornate as you like! A eucalyptus branch, a boxwood cutting, or a cluster of birch twigs in a vase take almost no effort but have a beautiful, minimalistic, and Scandinavian aesthetic. A large arrangement of magnolia, amaryllis, or poinsettia can be dramatic and bright, and also creates holiday ambiance. Research local florists for gorgeous arrangement ideas.

Bring greenery to the table with a gorgeous pine garland runner, interspersed with sprigs of holly and berries. A festive table centrepiece is a subtle show stopper and isn’t just for the Christmas dinner. It can stay on the table throughout the season and will add cozy winter vibes to every meal. Consider creating it in a decorative bowl or mason jar and include items you might use in a meal: rosemary and bay leaf sprigs or dried oranges and cranberries. Adding natural elements to your home is simple, yet creates a big impact.

Another popular way to bring greenery into your home is with an evergreen garland on the stair bannister, doorway, window, or across your fireplace mantel. The fireplace is a natural gathering place for family and friends, and the fresh, rich smell of pine, spruce, and balsam will draw guests in. Integrating twinkle lights or candles into a lush swag garland will add magic and sparkle. We recommend battery operated LED lights or candles to avoid any fire hazards and always be sure to keep the garland well away from any fireplace flame. Misting the natural boughs daily should help them last 2-3 weeks indoors and will keep them smelling fresh. We also suggest using a product like Wilt Pruf, an organic spray that acts as a protectant, sealing the moisture into the plant and prolonging its life. And bonus—it’s flame-retardant!

Don’t feel like DIY?

If decorating makes you feel overwhelmed, some nurseries offer custom planter creations. “Our custom planter designs are very popular,” says Tyler Briggs from Sheridan Nurseries Mississauga. “Clients can choose their colours and theme, and we create a planter that reflects their specifications and budget.”

With insert options and delivery or pick-up available, it couldn’t be easier. Feeling creative but need some guidance? Sheridan offers classes throughout November and December on wreath-making and planter design.

Live greenery looks warm and festive throughout the entire winter season. Make the holidays memorable and warm with thoughtful green décor additions. Check out our local links for more ideas!


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