LIVING THEIR BEACH LIFE: Local entrepreneurs bring a chill vibe to Port Credit

In a time of tumult and uncertainty—and a return to business and busyness—Diana Olsen and Tom Paterson are inviting you to loosen up a little. Unwind. Mellow out. Relax.

To walk into their expertly curated bricks and mortar shop lnner Beach Co., located in the heart of Port Credit, or visit their online site,, is to instantly feel that chill beach vibe we all yearn for, especially as days get shorter and temperatures dip.

Offering a wide range of high-quality, super-beachy products including home goods, wellness products, apparel and gifts, the Inner Beach Co. lifestyle brand launched online at the beginning of June, while the flagship store opened its doors to beachcombers June 15.

This retail venture marks a dramatic career shift for Olsen. Founder of the uber-successful Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, which now boasts 16 retail locations in the GTA, Diana has had her fair share of entrepreneurial ups and downs. So why did she decide to leave the life she’d built and explore this road less travelled?

“For us, Inner Beach Co. represents a lifestyle shift to a different state of mind,” Diana explains. “It’s more about slowing down and unplugging while simultaneously reducing our footprint. We want to inspire others to share that consciousness.”

And why Port Credit?
Inspired by the beach and surf culture she experienced firsthand growing up in Vancouver and California, and now living right on the waterfront, Diana knew this laidback vibe would resonate in our own fun, funky community by the lake.

“Our family is healthiest and happiest when we’re near water,” she explains. “We paddleboard, kayak, surf, collect sea glass—and our home reflects that beach aesthetic.”

The company is also moving away from selling items that contain single-use plastic, and their clothing lines are more investment pieces than fast fashion.

In keeping with their ethos to take care of our waters, Inner Beach Co. has partnered with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a charity devoted to protecting the Great Lakes.

“This great initiative tests the water daily from all of the beaches on the lake,” Diana explains. “Inner Beach sponsors water testing of four beaches in our area: Marie Curtis, Jack Darling, Richard’s Memorial and Lakefront Promenade.”

Recently, Inner Beach and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper held their first ever Karma’s A Beach Shoreline Cleanup, and they promise there will be more… stay tuned!

“We love to share the beauty of the beach lifestyle,” Diana says, “and that means we need to have more respect for our waterfront. The beach is therapy for the soul.”

Inner Beach Co. is open year-round.

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