Let There Be Light: Transforming Your Home With Lighting

Perhaps more than any other accessory, the lighting you choose can completely transform the atmosphere of your home. It is functional, of course, but the warmth of a bulb or the style of a fixture can create intimacy and reflect your personal style (which can change as quickly as trends do!)

Speaking of trends, what are some of the latest for 2023? According to our research, consumers are looking for open and glassless style lanterns and chandeliers that are easy to clean and that have a more modern, streamlined appearance. These fixtures also allow for the fun, vintage-style bulbs that are so popular right now. Both brass and black metals are very in vogue and many manufacturers are combining multiple metals in pieces, making the transition to other metal finishes much easier for the homeowner.

Another trend? The market is demanding low maintenance fixtures that are energy-saving, especially as we enter a downturn in our economy. 

Here are more energy-saving tips:

LED bulbs have been super-hot for the past few years, and now they’re available in the vintage style everyone loves. Warm white or yellow work better in a home setting, and you want to avoid anything that resembles bright, glaring commercial lighting. Sure, you’ll pay more for LED, but they’ll last much longer and are better for the environment in the long run. 

Adding dimmers to regular incandescent light bulbs is a great way to save energy. LED dimmers are required for LED bulbs and they also allow you to control the light and save energy. A 4-watt LED bulb is equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb, so if you have multiple chandelier bulbs, it can be great for energy saving as well as cutting down on heat output. 

Shapes, colours and finishes

Open or exposed lighting is becoming increasingly popular, and round ball shapes are also something many people search for. Looking for the latest trend in finishes? Choose two-toned metal, brass, polished nickel, black and chrome. Or, soft gold lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles and designs and can bring attention to specific corners or areas of a room.  

Modern retro lighting can create a unique look, particularly in the kitchen, above the dining table, or as wall lighting. Industrial styles are hot right now, and they are no longer viewed as brutal and “unfinished”. Another popular design is the vintage Edison-style bulbs, with their rounded cone shape, that fit in living and kitchen areas and enhance a retro/industrial style. 

Bigger fixtures designed to be a focal point are also popular when placed in the centre of a room, over the kitchen island, over the dining table, or in the foyer. Balancing these with smaller fixtures keeps everything in harmony.

Whether you’re looking to make your home beautiful through light style and placement, or simply save on your electrical bill, there are many options that will not only make your living space stunning but save you some money as well. 

Types of Light in Interior Design

When designing a lighting plan for your home, it’s important to create “layers” of light by including several types of  lighting in each space. 


This is the main source of light for a space. It fills the room with bright, balanced, even light. This usually comes from an overhead fixture centered in the room or an array of recessed lights.


Task lighting is usually bright and used in combination with ambient light. It’s extra light that is strategically placed to add focused light to a workspace, like a kitchen counter or writing desk.


Accent light refers to light that is more about design than function. Spotlights, track lights, and strip LEDs can fall into this category. They often shine on artwork or architectural features like high ceilings or feature fireplaces. Although accent light does fill a function, the main value is decorative.


Mood lighting is generally soft, dim light. It encourages a calm or romantic atmosphere. Most often this is done with lamps, candles, or lights on dimmer switches.

By Allison Dempsey

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