Aurora/Newmarket Fashion Looks for Fall

This fall’s fashions are finding new life in old ideas. Think back to late 60’s and early 70’s styles that fashionistas Nancy Sinatra and Twiggy wore: funky patterned tights, preppy girl plaid accessories (scarves, purses and hats), and Beatnik black from head to toe.  Monochromatic in any colour is “in”.  These fun fall styles need only be sprinkled into your wardrobe for you to feel trendy in these refreshed looks.

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For work, skirts should be knee-length or longer with car wash pleats and flounce hemlines, keeping your style light and joyful.  Comfortable shoes are also back but with an added touch of sexiness, so how about booties with a stacked kitten heel?  Plus, high-waisted pants and are de-stigmatized and have been transformed this season, stylishly making your legs look long with the benefit of making your waist look tiny.  “The higher rise has come back again because it’s more flattering to the female figure – it’s creating curves again,” says Andrea Manning, owner of Injoy Boutique in Aurora.

The 1960’s topper coat is also back this year.  “The elegant dress that women used to wear, with the finishing touches, has reinvented itself,” says Manning.  “Women are dressing up again and they’re putting the finishing touches on and the topper coats to match.”

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At play, keep the 70’s vibe going with wide leg pants or pants with a flare bottom, masculine looking suits, chunky knits, thigh-high boots, thin scarves in a men’s tie width and delicate feminine jewellery. “The biggest statement in jewellery right now is the Dior Tribal Pearl earring with the small piece in the front and the big ball in behind,” says Teresa Cook, owner of The Story of Love in Aurora.

“50 Shades of Gray” also has a new meaning this season.  The colour is prevalent in clothes, outdoor wear, nail polish, home accessories and even in hair colour: bluish-grey is not just for Nana anymore.  And this brings all the more reason to accessorize in a way that compliments your outfit.  “A scarf can really finish off an outfit,” says Cook.  “It should bring a pop of colour that lifts up your face.”


For petite women looking for the illusion of height, opt for a monochromatic look, and then add some blingy jewellery or a funky-coloured, patterned, thin tie scarf to add interest.  “To me, jewellery is all about attitude,” says Cook.  “Someone may not be the right body type for a piece, but they’ve got the attitude to pull it off.”

When it comes to staples, always have good quality, natural fabric basic pieces in your wardrobe. “Textiles and material content has come a long way,” says Manning, “they’re easier to care for, and therefore they stay classics in your closet longer.”  In the “Holy Grail” of styling, it’s believed that every woman 35 and up should have a basic solid black or grey pant and long sleeve tunic top to layer trend pieces with.  It’s better than purchasing a whole “mod” outfit that doesn’t mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe.  Trend pieces (such as accessories) freshen the look and you won’t need to spend lots of money on something that may be passé next year.  “I think it’s always better not to overdo it,” says Cook.

Of course, what you’re wearing underneath is equally important.  “Lingerie is your foundation; similar to a house, you start underneath and cover up as needed,” says Christine Hellstrom, owner of Coup de Foudre.

Knowing how to dress your body type is the key to ensuring that you’ll walk out the front door with confidence.  “We tend to look in magazines and say, ‘that’s what I want,’ not realizing how important it is to dress for your body type,” says Hellstrom.  You can look good at any price point.  Get individualized help from small boutiques – especially getting fitted for the right bra, or choosing the perfect necklace to compliment your outfit.  The staff will give you one-on-one fashion advice with an honest opinion.

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