Smarten Up: How to Increase Your Home’s IQ

It’s happened to all of us: you’re in the car (too far to turn back) and you can’t remember whether you’ve left the oven on, closed the garage door, or in your haste, whether you locked your front door.  Today’s home automation technology enables you to open an app on your phone and put your mind at ease with a just few simple steps.

Home automation or smart home technology means that designated electronic components in your home are controlled through a network that you can monitor and assign tasks to – whether you’re at home or anywhere in the world.  Setting up home automation need not be daunting, and the degree of automation can range from mounting your new slim TV to hide its unsightly wires to managing a myriad of electronic components within your home.  The sky’s the limit!


“In the last 5 -10 years, home automation has just gotten more user-friendly, convenient and affordable,” says Lindsay Lipton, founder of Liptons Audio Visual Unlimited in Newmarket. As audio visual specialists, Liptons has experience with the most basic to the most sophisticated systems, from new builds to a more common trend these days, home retrofit. “Having the ability to control what’s happening at home – while you’re not even there – and making it as simple as the touch of your smart phone has really changed the way home owners live their lives,” he continues. But, where to start?

Before you begin, consider which areas you want to automate and then start imagining the possibilities…  Do you want the lights to turn on and off upon entering and leaving the room?  Wired sound throughout the house for ambiance when you entertain? The ability to check on your kids when they’re home alone?

“From HVAC to draperies to water systems and security, these days you can pretty much automate anything you want,” comments Lindsay, “it’s really come such a long way from garage door openers and thermostats already.”


And it’s only becoming more and more accessible for consumers! Gone are the days when automation had to be included at the building stage, and there are some great local installers who can help you determine what you need and how best to get set up. You’ll be amazed at what you can do to make your life simpler, cheaper and work better for you, simply by incorporating home automation into your life.

Did you know with Smart Home technology, you can…

Increase safety by having programmed locked and unlocked doors.

Save on your energy bills (on average about 20%) by automating lights, appliances, home entertainment and music from anywhere – you can even have sensors that will turn lights off when rooms become unoccupied.

Be aware of what goes on at your home: keep an eye on visitors, see who’s ringing your doorbell, and monitor what is happening inside the house.

Allow garage access for visitors or package delivery remotely.

Run your home more efficiently by: setting the coffee to brew before you wake up, starting up the slow cooker while you’re at work, setting the fridge to scan your barcodes and keep an inventory of your food.

Control your environment by setting the temperature to adjust to certain conditions or times in the day.

Avoid sun damage and maximize natural light and heat by remotely opening and closing window coverings throughout your house during the day.


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