Be Bold – The latest interior decorating trends combine daring colours and textured fabrics

Back in the ‘80s it wasn’t unusual to see homes being decorated with wallpaper, bold patterned drapes, and a crimson couch with florals on it in the living room.  You may recall a friend’s kitchen adorned with colonial pineapple wallpaper or a family member’s dining room decorated in burgundy and forest green.

Thirty years later, non-neutral fabrics or wallpaper needn’t make you cringe or think of the house from ‘Home Alone’ (if you just watched that as many times as we did over the holidays).  Used properly, these bold and patterned, modern designs can add elements of interest to most rooms in the house.

There’s a range of choices when it comes to trendy fabrics.  Lisa D’Agostino, design associate at Foxglove Design in Aurora, says softer hues – like pastel pink – are in. “Taking from that softer pallet, softer textures are also popular,” she says.

You shouldn’t feel a need to shy away from bold patterns or colours either, she notes. A punch of colour is best added to a room with pillows, smaller chairs, and benches.

And wallpaper is most certainly back. “I love wallpaper,” says D’Agostino. “In previous years, people would wallpaper entire rooms. Now we’re  seeing these bold and bright patterns on accent walls, or in small powder rooms. We’re also seeing a lot of wallpaper up staircases and on ceilings.”

The added texture seems to be part of the allure. “Wall panels and 3D tiles are a great way to add depth to a space,” she says. “No matter what the material is – wood, ceramic, glass – it’s giving that texture, which adds so much more to a space than just a simple pattern.”

Functionality is also top of mind, especially when it comes to furniture. “You don’t see as many formal spaces now,” says D’Agostino. “People are looking to furnish the spaces they’re using everyday.” They’re thinking of their children and pets, too, she adds, so they want to make sure the fabric can withstand this type of use. Brands answer to this demand by mixing cotton and faux linen – like polyester – to produce the durability of synthetic fabrics with the look of natural fibres.

D’Agostino says it’s important to establish consistency from room to room when choosing fabrics, colours, textures, and patterns. Add some flow but “You don’t want too much of one thing,” she says. “Aim for similar patterns or shades of colours to establish some unity throughout the house.”

Going neutral on the big pieces of furniture and drapery is still the safest option. This allows you to play with textures and bold accent colours to add depth and impact to a room, D’Agostino says.  Then as seasons and trends change, there’s nothing that a trip to your favourite home décor store can’t fix.

Top 10 Wallpaper Trends for 2016
Accent a wall or update a room in your home with wallpaper this year.  Here’s what is trending now:

Part Art
Picture an amazing impressionist painting across your wall.

Natural reflections
Images of gardens, skies or a park setting.

Child’s play
For kids playrooms and bedrooms: retro-inspired patterns that promote the imagination.

Rooms with a view
Gaze onto a cityscape or a tropical beach scene out the “window”.

Various shades and grains of leather and suede are opulent and sensual: great for a hallway, bedroom, dining room or office.

Think faux snakeskin and crocodile or different types of grasses.

Great for repeat patterns and giving a clean, simple and ordered look.

Faux natural
Create a mood or illusion with faux wood, polished concrete, marble and brick patterns.

Modern and bold graphic florals or more open prints.

Like a giant activity book for the inner artistic person to draw and create on.

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