Café Hopping – Drink Local and Find Your Favourite Coffee Shops

Whether you’re a coffee snob or tea connoisseur, someone seeking the company of community or simply craving something sweet, there is no shortage of local coffee shops eager to satisfy your desires.

ON THE BEAN | Aurora
With Starbucks just a hop, skip and jump away, most people come to On The Bean in St. Andrews Plaza looking for something different. It’s a small, cozy place where you can enjoy a BLT omelette made-to-order for breakfast, or a fresh, homemade soup for lunch.
Drink of Choice: This is far from your ordinary latte. Not just because of the taste, either; the owner’s charming latte art just might make your day.

This quaint tea shop at the corner of Yonge and Wellington offers over 150 different kinds of tea. Tea lovers can enjoy the full experience, with the option to sip their beverages from delicate vintage teacups, which are also available for sale.
Drink of Choice: The bubble tea is a local favourite. Choose from over 100 flavours, all made from natural tea.

Featuring giant windows looking out at the heart of Main Street, Covernotes is an inspiring hub where local artists and community members gather to work, connect and create. “I call this my morning office,” says Ron Clifford, a Covernotes regular.
Drink of Choice: Barista Brandon Latcham recommends ordering the Americano. The espresso beans, which come from My Indie Coffee on Leslie, are roasted once a week and poured straight into the grinder.

Enjoy the comfort of vintage upholstered furniture, paired with rows and rows of bookshelves. “We’re the last used bookstore in town,” says Michael Varaschin, manager at Café, Books & Things. Located on the corner of Botsford and Main, the café offers free Wi-Fi in a calm and quiet atmosphere.
Drink of Choice: Varaschin suggests a hot chocolate with marshmallows and fresh whipped cream, or a cool milkshake on a sunny day.

FRESH TEA | Newmarket
If you’re planning a casual stroll around Fairy Lake, you’ll want to add a stop at the Fresh Tea Shop, perched on the corner of Main and Water Street, to your itinerary. The first North American location of the German chain was created upon the belief that “life is too short for bad tea.”
Drink of Choice:
Everyone loves the Iced Tea Cocktails, made from a loose-leaf green tea base, featuring syrups created from natural fruit and fructose, and cane sugar.

by Charlotte Ottaway

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