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As we enter the new year and the depths of winter, some of us feel like we’ve been hit by the holiday bus. Along with all of our health and diet resolutions, a little self-care and pampering can make us feel regenerated. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up we have an abundance of local options.

Consider taking yourself for a mani-pedi. Kelly Tran of Pedi-N-Nails in Aurora says that people come for a variety of reasons: many enjoy looking down at clean and pretty toenails, knowing the colour will last and they don’t need to worry about going barefoot in yoga class. Some customers enjoy a pedicure as an inexpensive social outing, coming with friends and using the time to relax and catch up. Others have difficulty reaching their feet or have troubles with hangnails or ingrown toenails. “It’s important for many people for their nails to look perfect, with no chips or cracks in the polish,” says Tran. As far as choosing a good salon, cleanliness is paramount. “All of our tools are for one-time use only, so you can be assured you are not going to pick up any germs,” Tran says.

If you are committed to having beautiful skin, we have a number of medi-spas in the area that offer non-surgical procedures to keep you looking youthful. Dorothy Aitoro at Ageless Benefits in Aurora provides treatments that affect the skin at a cellular level and can help with issues like pigmentation problems, minor scarring and wrinkles. “Most people take the time to work on keeping their muscles healthy and tight, but don’t realize you can do the same thing for your skin,” Aitoro says. She offers many modalities, including a “gym for your skin” treatment that combines microcurrent, which targets the muscle fibres, and the “Venus Freeze” which stimulates collagen and keeps the skin tight.

If you need to relax, consider a visit to the Scandinave Spa. Tucked in the heart of a forest near Collingwood, this Scandinavian-style resort offers hydrotherapy and four types of massage (Swedish, Therapeutic, Hot Stone and Pregnancy). The facility boasts three hot baths, three cold plunges, and four different types of sauna. Guests are asked to maintain silence, and cell-phones are to be left in the locker rooms. The reception area includes a bistro with healthy food and a small boutique.

The process works as follows: guests spend ten minutes immersed in a hot modality, followed by a quick cold plunge, followed by a fifteen minute relaxation period either outdoors or in one of the cozy solariums. Benefits include cleansing the pores, stimulating circulation and the release of healthy endorphins. The beautifully landscaped grounds are surrounded by mature trees and a tranquil pond. Outdoor fireplaces and rest areas contribute to the Zen-like feel. Marketing assistant Mallory Dunlop says, “most people comment that the silence and opportunity to connect with nature are what make the place so magical.”

Scandinave can be extremely busy so it’s best to plan ahead. Marketing Director Mylisa Henderson recommends choosing weekdays, evenings, and off-peak times to guarantee access to the baths. “Ski season and February are our busiest times, and massages need to be booked well in advance. The baths are first come, first serve and we often need to wait-list on weekends.”
Relaxing in a steaming pool, while snow flakes drift lazily around you, can transport you straight to inner peaceville. Scandinave offers an affordable experience that revitalizes body, mind and spirit.

by Elaine Jackson



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