THE PERFECT NURSERY: Creating the perfect room for your perfect addition

The options for designing a nursery are endless and it’s probably one of the most fun rooms to decorate in your home. Just like the wonderful little life you’ll be bringing into the world, you want to create the perfect space for your little one. Besides a crib and a change table, here’s a list of essentials you’ll need to keep baby – and mom and dad – comfortable and organized.
Perhaps you’ve always wanted a traditional pink or blue-hued room for your baby. Or perhaps you do not know the baby’s gender, and a more neutral space is what you’re after. Remember that soft pallets create a more soothing atmosphere, and pale colours, beiges or cream are also suited to the popular vintage look that many mothers-to-be choose.

When choosing a crib, it’s important to ensure that it conforms to today’s safety ratings as well as suits your décor. Some cribs have an adjustable height that comes in handy when baby starts to stand (and maybe even try to climb out of bed). Adjustable cribs are also popular because they can transition with your child from infancy right up to when they’re ready to move to a “big girl/boy” bed. Always buy a good crib mattress along with whichever model you choose.

For times when you’ll be rocking baby to sleep, parents need a comfy place to sit. A modern looking rocking chair or comfy glider that looks like an armchair offers some relaxation and much needed relief on those sleepless nights.

Babies need lots of changes a day – both diapers and clothes. Some dressers double as change tables and offer drawers and cupboards to store diapers, clothes and other necessities. The best part is that they also function as a regular dresser when your child is older.

Add in some soft toys, lots of books to snuggle up with, and your room will be as complete as your family is.

According to, here’s what’s hot for designing baby’s room in 2019.

Mad for Plaid.
Not just for the Holidays, we predict we’ll see plaid go the distance this year and even take on a modern twist. Cozy yet linear patterns like windowpane and big buffalo checks will show up in swaddles, wall decals, wallpaper and bedding.

Board & Batten
That rustic plank wall has some serious competition this year. The board and batten look is not only a classic but a whole heck of a lot easier to implement as an accent wall. This clean and crisp decorative detail pairs perfectly with our next trend, Boho Farmhouse!

The farm just got a lot hipper, and it’s safe to say that it’s all the rage. Layers of whites, textures, natural woods and a touch of black or gray take the rustic feel of the past up a notch.

Big on Botanicals
Organic accents and the colours of nature took off in 2018. We expect to see this trend continue to grow (wink, wink). This year you’ll see botanical prints on the walls and even expect oversized “leafy” wallpapers and decals.

Moody Palettes
The 70s are back and in colour! Plum, sage green, mustard and mauve are making a comeback. It’s like fall 24/7, and we’re feeling really good about that.

Dainty Vintage Florals
Brimming with blooms, these florals will have you tea time ready. Like other trends this year, florals get a vintage update. Maybe it’s just the anticipation of another royal baby, but we say these prim and proper floral patterns are bloody brilliant.

The Smart Nursery
Smart is the new black! Say hello to the Project Nursery Smart Nursery Wi-Fi Baby Monitor and Smart Soother. It’s not just about our own products but industry-wide children’s products are all about getting connected. Gear coming out of the latest baby shows is designed and created with the tech savvy millennial parent in mind.

The Enchanted Forest
Get ready to decorate with fairies, squirrels and mushrooms. The next big thing in wallpaper is making your nursery a whole lot more magical with an array of whimsical prints to choose from. It’s like stepping into an Emily Winfield Martin children’s book.

Big Blooms
Just when we thought flower power couldn’t get any bolder, they also got bigger! Choose from realistic floral wallpaper, decals or murals and prepare to be impressed

Two Tone Cribs
While the sleek white crib may never truly go out of style, 2019 is the year of the two-toned crib. Mixing materials and colours creates interest giving this cornerstone of the nursery even more reason to shine.

Cana Bee Baby, Aurora

The Baby’s Room, Newmarket

The Millionaire’s Daughter, Aurora

Once Upon a Child, Newmarket

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