DREAMY WINDOW DESIGN: Add Charm with Window Treatments

Windows – they allow light into our homes and a view to the world around us. But windows aren’t just something to look through. From a design perspective, they can also be something to look at. Big or small, windows offer a blank slate for shutters, curtains, and other creative coverings.

Window treatments can become an extension of your home décor – and if you’re ready to add some pizazz, you should start by identifying your personal style.  Sheer styles provide movement to a minimalist room, while velvet panels can add both texture and depth. As for current trends, bamboo and other natural material blinds are now making a sophisticated comeback.

Smart, automated window coverings operated through phone apps are really popular now, adding overall efficiency and keeping your home cooler in warmer weather. As for colour, pink is one of the latest and coolest trends. In the style department, ripple folds, S-folds, and roller shades satisfy a growing desire for simplification. Important to note as well that changing laws in Canada regarding corded mechanisms are driving consumers to seek out cordless options. 

When it comes to choosing the right treatment, the options are really endless. Shades, while similar to blinds, fit inside the window frame, but are made of a solid fabric sheet. While shades range from classic roller to Roman styles, their functionality remains the same – they roll up to let in light. Valances are decorative panels of fabric mounted above your window to conceal curtain rods, blind mechanisms, and other hanging hardware. Shutters offer families a high degree of control over light and air filtering in through the windows. You can allow all the light and air to roll in, or you can cut it off completely.

Window treatments come in a variety of materials and colours from organic wood to luxurious silk, making them an easy way to add texture to your space. Woven wood window treatments are made from bamboo reeds, jute grass, or a combination of other natural materials, while linen window treatments are eco-friendly and long-lasting, and worth the investment.

White window frames are tried and true, but if you want a more dramatic look, try black window frames with curtains in lighter colours.

Sheer shades are the perfect window treatment if you want to control natural light but don’t want to block it out completely.

Shutters are practical and stylish, and will add a classic feature to your home. You can fix them to the outside of the home, or you can install them inside.

When it comes to window treatment ideas that take up little visual space, cellular shades are great options. For something a little different, swing arm curtains make a unique statement. This is a great idea if you have a row of small windows that floor-to-ceiling curtains won’t work for, or if you find floor-to-ceiling curtains too imposing for your room.

Finally, bamboo roll-up blinds add a casual element to any room and look great in a beach house or a nautical themed room. They block out lots of light without being heavy or imposing on space. They’re both neutral and natural and are perfect if you have a desire for organic materials.

Whatever you end up choosing, we are certain local experts can help you find a look, colour, and feel that meshes well with the overall design of your home. You’ll look cool to your neighbours from the outside – and keep cool during those hot summer months on the inside.

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