Stop and smell the Rosé

Rosé used to be considered a slightly unsophisticated patio pleaser, a wine somewhere in between red and white. Historically, it was often sweet and mostly fairly unexciting.

However, times have changed and rosé is rapidly on the rise, both in quality and flavour and certainly, cool factor. One of the many great things about modern-day rosé is its versatility. It’s adaptable to seasons as well as to food, becoming a serious wine and food player. Plus, that colour is bound to make you feel happy.

Lucky for us, in Ontario, there are loads of rosé choices to be had. Almost all wine producing regions in the world produce a rosé, often with its own style and character. 

Here we have highlighted some delicious rosés from all over the world. One of the even greater things about rosé is that good quality examples are available at every price point. It is often not necessary to spend a lot to get a really pleasurable bottle. All products below are available at the LCBO.

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