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Firebat Coffee Roasters is a small-batch, specialty coffee roaster based in Oakville, ON.  Established in 2016 with the idea to provide sustainably grown, Direct Trade beans from El Salvador to Canadian coffee community.
Firebat stands for three principles: flavor, sustainability, and transparency. When sourcing coffees with complex and consistent flavor profiles, we also look that those coffees are rooted in sustainability. All our beans are sourced directly from producers we personally know and trust in El Salvador. We have partnered with producers committed to shade-grown coffee production where coffee is grown under the canopy of tree in conditions that resemble native forest.
Our beans are slow roasted in small-batches weekly to develops all the good flavors and aromas inherent to the carefully selected beans. Firebat coffees are sweet, balanced and clean. We have a wide, seasonal selection of single farm coffees to showcase different bean varieties and processing methods for anyone to find the kind of coffee they like. For each coffee we share the story of the origins of the beans, how they were grown and processed.
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