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Play with your day and sparkle your night.

Founded by Dale - an Oakville resident for the past 37 years - Lantern Cozies is your local shop for beautiful, original lanterns handcrafted from classic North American wood species - maple, white oak and black walnut. The finishing process does not contain any dyes, perfumes or additives. Their shape is simple, almost minimal, leaving lots of room for creativity. Practical yet fanciful, the designs are inspired by nature, textiles, family traditions and ancient texts.
"We are very choosy. We hand select each piece of wood and take great care to ensure the walnut is a rich chocolate, the white oak has a consistency of grain, and  the maple is light and clear.  In our packing room we like to think of you.  When your parcel arrives in its artful, sturdy packaging we know you'll be excited to light it that evening or gift it to someone special."  

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