As Spring approaches, give your outfits a lift with one-of-a-kind accessories from some amazing local businesses. Think colourful scrunchies, super-snazzy socks and plenty of brand-new sparkle for your jewellery box. Discover original finds to finish off your Spring getaway outfits and colourful accessories that are sure to put a smile on your face!


Teddy Hats 

Holland Designs

These Teddy bucket hats are your go-to hat to keep you looking trendy and cool!


Sandra Leather Pouch

Brave Soles

The Sandra Leather pouch is the chic sidekick to your morning latté! Sleek, hardware free, and handmade from reclaimed leather. What would you fit into yours?


Bee Kind Cup Cozy

Kind Karma Co

It sure is cool to bee kind! These Bee Kind cup cozies will have you smiling as you sip on your favourite drink. Get one for yourself and gift one to a friend!


Smiley Beanies

Isle of My

These Smiley Beanies are soft, cozy, slouchy and full of positive vibes!


Teddy Tote

Holland Designs

Your bag is your statement. When it comes to Holland Designs bags, they’ll help you carry yourself with elegance and poise, whether you’re on your way to work or out on the town with friends. The Teddy Tote is available in grey, espresso, cognac, chocolate brown, and black.


Leather Sandals

Brave Soles

Slip into something … Supportive! Each pair of Brave Soles leather sandals has a super cushy foam core mode-sole made from EVA foam to offer support and durability. Even the slightly raised heel adds extra impact absorption! Talk about happy feet!


Folklore Earrings

FIGG Studio

Meet the Folklore earrings from Toronto’s FIGG Studio. Vintage, romantic, timeless. Each petal is lovingly crafted and shaped to capture the delicate movement of these beautiful flowers. The brass piece and twisted drop add a contrasting effect to create these vintage, folksy earrings.


Le Chariot necklace

Makala Jewelry

Le Chariot is the perfect statement piece to add an elegant and timeless appeal to your outfit.


Cotton Dog Leash

Parker & Co

Treat yourself and your pup to a Parker & Co cotton leash. Handmade in Mississauga, they’re available in 10+ colours (including this beautiful Tiffany Blue) & many styles (including multi-dog & hands-free)!



Shop Infini

The ‘90s style is making a comeback! Add a fresh rotation of scrunchies to your collection with this playful set that you can pair with a matching t-shirt and face mask from Shop Infini!


Teardrop Gemstone Necklaces

Kind Karma Co

Which little teardrop is your favourite?! Featuring three of the four precious stones (ruby, emerald and sapphire), these minimalist necklaces are sure to add some colour to you summer 


Funky Socks

Lakeside Livin’ & Pure Boutique

From hockey to dancing to cats and llamas & much more, we’ve got all the funky socks to suit any interest and personality (for both guys & gals!).


Custom Initial Necklace

Kind Karma Co

Engage in a little self-love with a gorgeous custom initial necklace from Kind Karma Co. Handmade in Toronto, the delicate necklace features a handstamped initial pendant.


Squiggle Earrings

FIGG Studio

Bright, bold, and completely unapologetic. Handmade in Toronto from polymer clay, the Squiggle earrings are a complete head-turner and will add a burst of whimsy and sunshine to your outfit!


Silk Pouches

Holland Designs

Add a little pop of colour to your outfit with these gorgeous silk pouches, designed and made in Toronto by Holland Designs. Both chic and casual, they’ll elevate any look! 


Gemstone Stacking Ring

Kind Karma Co

Give a little love with these dainty gemstone stacking rings from Kind Karma Co! The Dot Stacking Ring is available with either a blue topaz or ruby accent stone.