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Magda (she/her) is a Toronto based jewelry designer and founder of FIGG Studio.

Having always been fascinated with costumes, theatre, and storytelling, Magda pursued these interests through study and work in film and television. Focusing on art direction, she developed a love of production design, immersive environments, and the ability to tell a story through clothing.

Jewelry is an accessible, versatile and extremely fun way of achieving this. A desire to create unique pieces (and to find an outlet for her restless hands), drew Magda to create FIGG Studio. She hopes that everyone finds that special piece that feels like it was designed just for them!

At FIGG Studio, we believe jewelry can be such a simple, accessible, yet deeply transformative part of how you present yourself and build your story - not just externally, but internally as well. Capturing movement and creating depth are central themes in FIGG Studio sculptural pieces. Made primarily of polymer clay, they are lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable for all day wear!
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