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Kathryn Boese founded Guru 2 decades ago with the desire to create sustainable apparel for women and support independent boutiques. Collaborating with local artisans in Rajasthan (India) from design to production, Guru is a 100% sustainable clothing brand creating unique, vibrant quality fashion with a bohemian flare often made with upcycled saris.

Upcycled saris have an amazing history. Kathryn Boese, owner and designer of Guru, barters in Indian villages to collect high quality Rasgulla saris that are beautifully re-fashioned for you! Because Guru's saris have history, they may also have minor imperfections that are camouflaged in the beauty of each exquisite piece. These type of petite flaws should be embraced, much like someone's own personal flaws. Because nothing and no one is perfect.  

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