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Welcome to she. boutique!

When the diagnosis of a rare liver disease prompted Oakville's Chrissie Iacobelli to step away from the corporate world and prioritize her quality of life, a period of self-reflection and discovery led her to found she. boutique.
“Two summers ago was when I started to feel the nudge. A little voice in my head kept saying you should open a boutique or even just a pop-up market. I was discovering that many of these boutiques had products I was already using at home and that’s when the creative juices started flowing.”
Not long afterwards, she. boutique came to be.
The online boutique is specially curated with Canadian-made products that nurture and promote self-care, each one tried and tested by Chrissie.
"she. is about unleashing, connecting, and rising to the divine feminine energy and the innate wisdom within; to tell the truth with a voice that is truthful and strong."