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Surrender your inner boss babe, slow the grind and halt the hustle- Wax + Wane coffee lovers are asked to pause and mindfully enjoy the tiny magical moments between the waxing and waning moon, hopefully with a cup of our coffee in hand. Choose from one of six coffee bean profiles- Full moon (light), Waxing Moon (medium), Waning Moon (medium), New Moon (espresso), Hollow Moon (decaf) and Dark Moon (dark).

Founded in 2020 by Chantsy, a local Ottawa influencer, Wax + Wane Coffee was created from her love of coffee and a reminder to slow down from her busy life and practice mindfulness in the everyday mundane.  Chantsy works with local artisanal roasters, who source only the best quality beans from around the world. Wax + Wane coffee beans are freshly roasted to order in small batches and shipped directly to clients all over North America.


Unopened bags of freshly roasted coffee beans will keep for 3 months. Freshness degrades immediately after the coffee bag is opened or when beans are ground. We recommend storing whole coffee beans in an airtight container at ambient temperature, and grinding fresh before you brew. We recommend consuming an opened bag within a week. Ordering small quantities at a time, ensures maximum freshness.