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It all started with a Christmas project. Essence and Beauty Co.'s founder Joana, wanted to create handmade soaps and lip balms to give to family and friends for the Holidays. This developed her passion for creating sustainable ingredients, exquisite aromas and premium made beauty products to offer the world.

We believe in the importance of taking a pause. To find time to put yourself first. To find serenity and calmness to each day. It could be in the simplest moments of lighting a candle and enjoying the aroma while relaxing on the couch. Having a wonderful bath, using the most natural soaps that will revitalize not only your skin, but also your soul. To moments where you can find time to look at the mirror and put on a good lipstick, ready to conquer the world. Self care is loving yourself! We all need it and we all deserve it. That is what we aim to create with our products at Essence & Beauty Co.
Each product that you purchase from us is made with 100% love and care. Every product line is diligently researched and developed. When we manufacture each of our products, we always consider the social, ethical and most importantly, environmental impact our products have. Therefore we have developed a strategy to foster long term commitment to everything we do. Essence & Beauty Co. ensures that we only partner up with businesses that have the same core values as us.
Everyone knows today's life is incredibly stressful and hectic. At Essence & Beauty Co. we strongly believe that everyone needs to find the time to enjoy yourself. That's why, we hope that you include our products in your daily routine.

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