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Rekindle is about igniting meaningful connections between people through refined design. We know that home is where you have some of the most meaningful experiences and so we create bespoke décor and handcrafted home goods that will support you in these experiences. We believe that investing in high quality, personalized items can spark an emotional connection to goods that encourages us to live with fewer but better things and avoid contributing to a throw-away society. We want you to cherish the bespoke décor we make for you as more than just "consumables" and we hope that you personalize and connect with your home goods so that they become modern heirlooms that you’ll feel proud to pass on to someone special.


Through our use of sustainable, ecologically sourced materials, and our partnership with One Tree Planted, we’re addressing our environmental footprint so that when you buy Rekindle home goods you know you are helping create a healthier world in which nature, wildlife, and humanity can thrive together.

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