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We created Birch Babe not just to make another skincare brand but to help as many people as possible make easy lifestyle choices for the better health of their bodies and our planet.

Why Birch Babe Exists
We are passionate about making everyday skin, body and clean beauty essentials that are certified all-natural and plastic or package free wherever possible. We’re reshaping the skincare and clean beauty industry by pushing boundaries and implementing our high standards. Our sustainable business practices include using only plastic free packaging, ethically sourced (EcoCert, Fair Trade and/or Organic) ingredients and laboratory certified formulations.
Our Mission
To inspire consumers to invest in everyday essentials that are both good for the health of our bodies and the planet. Our goal is to be the go-to brand for all natural skincare and clean beauty products that are sustainable, free of toxins and made with premium ingredients. We want our customers to feel confident and enthusiastic to include our products in their skin and body care routines each day.
Our Community
Birch Babes are conscientious consumers who take the time to invest in products that are ethically made, toxin free, vegan and all-natural. They're passionate about living sustainably and feel empowered using products that represent their values and help them embrace their sustainable journey.

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