Boon Burger

Boon Burger


Big, tender, juicy – and 100% guilt-free, Vegetarian and Vegan. If you’re craving such a burger, there’s no better place than Boon Burger Café. Sprouted to bring the public food that is good, Boon Burger’s menu is 100% plant- based (and 100% yummy). Basically, they’ve perfected comfort food.

Prepared in-house from scratch, with the best ingredients, each deliciously stacked burger, gravy- covered poutine, cheese- topped Peace-za, and fresh salad, are crafted to cater to comfort food cravings while offering a more sustainable future for all.

At Boon Burger, you’ll find everything you’d expect to find at a traditional burger joint – but healthier. Herbivore-friendly and human-loved, their menu is a hot spot for vegans, vegetarians, and folks with dietary restrictions. Each menu item is guaranteed vegan (aka egg, animal, and dairy-free), but they also have a large selection of gluten-free recipes.

Enjoy any of their menu items, from Burgers to Brats to Peace Zas, all are packed with in house prepared patties, dressings and sauces along with full menu of fresh toppings. Each handcrafted item is guaranteed good: good for you, good for your taste buds, and good for the environment. 

Boon Burger Cafe, Dundas Street West, Oakville

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