Oakville and Burlington’s Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian Restaurants

From concern for the environment to fierce affection for four-legged friends, there are plenty of reasons why vegan and vegetarian diets are more popular than ever. Instead of raising eyebrows, plant-based menus are now a major draw for restaurants looking to stay relevant and on-trend. Menus are being revamped, chefs are playing with their food to delightful effect, and animal-free ordering has become the norm. Hop on the bandwagon with a visit to Oakville and Burlington’s top destinations for vegan and vegetarian dining.

Boon Burger Oakville | Photo courtesy of @justinpluslauren

New to meat-free meals? Then start with something familiar and redone in a guilt-free way. From shakes and “Peace-za” to poutine and legume-based burgers topped with everything from peach chutney to pulled jackfruit, Boon Burger Café is the place for modern twists on comfort-food classics. With locations in Oakville and Burlington, Boon’s extensive menu can satisfy any craving. For lighter meals, Lettuce Love Café, also in Oakville and Burlington, is a vegan spot offering made-from-scratch, organic-when-possible soups, sandwiches, bowls and hearty weekend breakfasts.

Lettuce Love Cafe | in Oakville & Burlington

A dedicated vegetarian menu with plenty to savour is the perfect excuse to stop in to Paradiso’s Oakville and Burlington locations. With mouth-watering options such as phyllo-wrapped baked brie, sundried tomato arancini and spicy harissa pappardelle, vegetarian diners will feel as pampered and well-fed as their meat-eating companions.

Dar Nabati, Oakville

Oakville is also home to Dar Nabati and Stoney’s Bread Company, a place for substantial appetites with some of the tastiest vegetarian pizzas, sandwiches and salads in town. At Dar Nabati, customers can enjoy 100% plant-based food and drinks. Inventive takes, such as a Philly “cheeze” steak sandwich made with seitan, or “chick’un” fettucine alfredo prepared with cashew sauce, are better-for-you alternatives to the originals.

Maro’s Bistro, Oakville

For ethnic inspired foods, head to Maro’s Bistro or Coriander Green, where fine dining meets an appetite for veggie-packed plates. At Maro’s, Middle Eastern recipes result in flavourful, veg-friendly meals brimming with colour and spice. Coriander Green is where chef Harminder brings his much-loved, made-from-scratch Indian dishes to hungry diners. Vegetarian specialties, from curried potatoes and cauliflower in aloo gobi to spiced, stir-fried mushroom do piaja, offer satisfying ways to sample the flavours that make Harminder a local culinary star.

Rayhoon Persian Eatery, Burlington

At Rayhoon Persian Eatery in Burlington’s Village Square, a comprehensive menu includes tempting options for those avoiding animal-based ingredients. Among the offerings are vegan lentil and walnut stew peppered with raisins and dates, and Persian poached pears are perennial favourites.

Mythos Greek Cuisine Wine Bar

Minutes away, Mythos Greek Cuisine deserves a mention for authentic Greek and Cypriot dishes paired with carefully selected wines. Indulge in vegetarian-approved staples like Saganaki opa, pan-fried cheese flambéed in ouzo, or delicate spanakopita parcels, served alongside rice pilaf and lemon potatoes.   

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, Burlington

And, if you don’t think you can have your vegan cake and eat it too, guess again! At   Kelly’s Bake Shoppe in downtown Burlington, delicate pillows of vegan buttercream adorn an assortment of plant-based cupcakes. If you are in downtown Oakville head to Sugar Suite for a delicious assortment of gluten-free and vegan treats. For sweets of another sort, La Dolce Vita near Oakville’s downtown, has a selection of vegan gelatos that can’t be beaten.

Sugar Suite, Oakville

Whether you’re a self-professed carnivore curious to try something new, or a lifelong vegetable devotee, you’ll find numerous restaurants in Oakville and Burlington serving up delectable, meat-free fare. Try one or try them all; you’ll leave sated, pleasantly surprised and we promise, you won’t miss a thing.

by Christine Peddie

Local Links

Community Restaurant
343 Kerr St, Oakville

Dar Nabati
333 Lakeshore Rd E B, Oakville

Stoney’s Bread Company
325 Kerr St, Oakville

Rayhoon Persian Eatery
420 Pearl St, Burlington

Boon Burger Café
497 Dundas St W unit 1, Oakville
399 Elizabeth St, Burlington

Lettuce Love Café
326 Kerr St, Oakville
399 John St, Burlington

Sugar Suite
156 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe
401 Brant St, Burlington

La Dolce Vita
22 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville

Mythos Greek Cuisine
3500 Fairview St, Burlington

Maro’s Bistro
135 Kerr St, Oakville

Coriander Green
342 Church St, Oakville

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