TOURISM AT HOME: Staycation ideas for the May long weekend 

The May long weekend heralds that summer is on the horizon and it’s time for a break from daily stresses. The age-old question is how to maximize enjoyment without being on the road stuck in traffic for hours, or fighting for the best camping spot. 

Staycations gained popularity in 2020 and now, four years later, exploring unique experiences in our own backyard still resonates. Below are just a few ideas for a memorable and local Victoria Day weekend.

The 5 Drive-In  OAKVILLE

Craving a retro experience? Time travel is a reality at Oakville’s 5 Drive-In. Pile the family into the car, or head out with your partner for a double feature. The movies are current releases, but the vibe is a throwback to simpler times.
2332 Ninth Line, Oakville. 
Open Friday – Sunday,
Tuesday and Thursday. 

Spring Time on the Farm at Bronte Creek Provincial Park OAKVILLE

From May 18 to 20 you can learn how Victorians worked and played. Visit Spruce Lane Farm to view farm animals, tour the farm house, and play Victorian games. Sample culinary delights at a Victorian tea, served at 12:30 and 2:30 pm. 
1219 Burloak Drive, Oakville

Maple Farm Adventure WATERDOWN

Beginner riders can launch their horseback riding journeys in a relaxed atmosphere while immersed in nature. There are supervised trail rides for ages 12+, and private and paddock rides for ages 8+. Children 3 – 7 years old can enjoy a mini-pony ride. Not available Saturday or Monday.
829 Middletown Road, Waterdown

Paddling in Paradise: Spring Canoe Tours  BURLINGTON

The Royal Botanical Gardens offer the chance to explore Cootes Paradise, led by a canoe guide. During a two hour session, learn about the history of Cootes while observing the plants and wildlife. Bring your camera or phone to capture the beauty. May 18 from 9 am to 11 pm. Pre-register online by May 15. 
Arboretum, 16 Old Guelph Road, Burlington

Salsa Dancing at Taste of Colombia OAKVILLE 

Enjoy the vibrancy of Afro Cuban music and learn a new skill that meshes perfectly with warmer weather. Suitable for singles and couples, Saturday Salsa Night provides a beginner lesson, an intermediate lesson and a social dance for $25 per person. Advanced dancers can attend the social dance for $10. Buy tickets online or at the café.
6 Bronte Road, Oakville 

Backed by Bees  BURLINGTON

All hail to bees! These invaluable pollinators fertilize food sources for the more than eight billion humans on this planet. Take a self-guided stroll along the Pollinator Path featuring flowering plants that feed and shelter pollinators. Savour honey soda or mead and visit a market that sells honey, mead products, vegetables and farm products. Closed Monday.
6214 Appleby Line, Burlington

Indoor Skydiving at iFly  OAKVILLE

Intrigued by skydiving but not ready to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet? Indoor skydiving provides a free fall experience, but without your life flashing in front of your eyes. After a pre-flight briefing, anyone aged 4+ can suit up and enjoy flying in a vertical wind tunnel. 
2007 Winston Park Drive, Oakville

Worlds of the Night  BURLINGTON

Afraid of the dark? You won’t be after viewing this fascinating exhibit at Joseph Brant Museum. Discover the world of nocturnal animals and insects, such as bats, scorpions and aardvarks. Learn about night vision and bioluminescence via interactive displays. Closed Sunday and Monday.
1240 North Shore Blvd, Burlington 

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