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Shop Local – Fall Fashion Finds

… Jeff’s Guy Shop This cozy hoodie is perfect for date-night. Tailored to fit and luxuriously comfortable, this sweater pulls together an effortless look….

Flight School

Flying Sky High – Learn to Fly!

An experience like no other, the sky is truly the limit for those interested in taking flight lessons. Across Oakville and Burlington, there are…


Kudos To The Cauliflower

What has turned cauliflower into the new “it” vegetable?  Not too long ago, it was bland and pale, usually boiled and flavourless, and most…

Local Book List

Must Reads By Local Authors

Stories. They’re a way to escape the chaos of reality, bond with little ones at bedtime, and travel to places far and wide from…

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Shop Local – Keep It LIT – Lighting Trends

… House Warmings Enjoy the Timpano Pendant in your home today! Seemingly forged by authentic blacksmithing techniques, the pendant features a rustic Black Charcoal…

Now Open – New Local Businesses

… L.L. Bean The first L.L.Bean retail store in Canada is now open at Oakville Place. The 13,000 square foot store opened August 23rd….