Celebrate March Break At Puppet Festival Mississauga

11marAll Day17Celebrate March Break At Puppet Festival Mississauga

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Looking for things to do in Mississauga with the family this March Break?

From March 11 – 17 2024, Puppet Festival Mississauga presents puppet shows and educational activities specifically curated for family audiences in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. In various locations across the city of Mississauga, Puppet Festival Mississauga features shows and events that sparks curiosity and invites children and people of all ages to explore the wonders of the world around them. Puppet Festival Mississauga promises an enriching experience for the whole family! Treat your family to quality theatre at Puppet Festival Mississauga this March Break.

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Puppet Shows & Activities 

A Puppet Show From South Korea: A Show With Strings

About A Show With Strings: This internationally acclaimed interactive puppet show coming all the way from Seoul, South Korea, will stretch your imagination.

When: March 12 2024 @ 8pm

Where: Halo Espresso Bar

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A Heart Warming Puppet Show For The Whole Family : Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

About Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch: Mr. Hatch leads a predictable and dreary life; he keeps to himself. One Valentine’s Day, he unexpectedly receives a heart-shaped package with an anonymous note that whispers, “somebody loves you,” and everything changes.

When: March 13 – 14 2024

Where: Maja Prentice Theatre

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Puppet Show From Quebec: Arctic Tall Tales

About Arctic Tall Tales: 

Brrrrrrr! Embark on an adventure to the frozen arctic with a group of explorers in this hilarious puppet show based on the best-selling graphic novel.

When: March 15 – 16 2024

Where: Maja Prentice Theatre

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A Puppet Show Starring A Sassy Grandma: Epidermis Circus

About Epidermis Circus: This spicy puppetry cabaret features mind-bending illusions. Get your comedy fix and stretch your brain into surreal worlds. Epidermis Circus is created Canada’s top inventive minds including Ingrid Hansen of Emmy-award winning series Sesame and Fraggle Rock and JIMBO the Drag Clown winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

When: March 12-13 2024 

Where: Maja Prentice Theatre

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Puppet Slam 2024 

About Puppet Slam: Spice your night up with theatre, puppets, and wine! Bring a designated driver to this stellar night out at the Puppet Slam!

When: March 14 2024 @ 9pm

Where: Halo Espresso Bar

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