The Mermaid and the Oyster

The Mermaid and the Oyster


A perfectly placed seafood destination in trendy Kerr Village (which is growing quite the reputation for being a foodie destination), that offers more than just a great menu.

Part gourmet seafood market, part eatery, and part catering business, The Mermaid and the Oyster has operated in Oakville for over 25 years. With owners straight from PEI, this establishment knows its seafood. Everything is fresh-fresh-fresh, from their daily features to their raw bar (featuring Fresh East Coast Oysters and Jumbo Shrimp). Enjoy fish, lobster, crab, claim, and shrimp prepared in unique and delectable ways (soup, salad, mains, and everything in between). True East Coast taste in the heart of Oakville.


250 Kerr St. Oakville, ON L6K 3B2

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