A SLIPPERY SLOPE: Local tobogganing hills for an afternoon of fun

No matter what city you grew up in, chances are you traversed more than one hill over and over again in order to hop on your sled, and whizz down the hill. You distinctly recall going home exhausted with wet snow pants, soggy socks, rosy cheeks and a smile on your face.

Tobogganing is a quintessential wintertime activity everyone in the family can enjoy. Thankfully living among the varied terrain in and around the Oak Ridges Morraine, there are lots of nearby hills to access.


Hill: Dennis Park
Spend an afternoon on the hill behind the baseball diamond, then grab your ice skates and swing by the outdoor rink at the Newmarket Community Centre.
Location: Dennis Park, 520 Cane Parkway

Hill: Paul Semple Park.
These small to medium-sized slopes are ideal for small children
Location: Paul Semple Park, 125 Savage Road

Hill: Sharon Hills Park.
The hill beside the tennis courts heads down to a soccer field at the base, which means lots of room for playing in the snow.
Location: Sharon Hills Park, Colonel Wailing Blvd & Maplehyrn Ave in Sharon.


Hill: Rick Hansen Public School.
The hill behind the school features a 45-degree slope.
Location: Ada Johnson Park, Conover Avenue

Hill: Fleury Park.
It’s all in the name. When the snow flurries start falling, head to the slope at Fleury Park – great for kids, and adults too,.
Location: Fleury Park, 1 Community Centre Lane

Hill: Lambert Wilson Park (beside Aurora Family Leisure Complex).
Go sledding with the kids, and then head for a winter walk on snowshoes across the Nokiidaa or Holland River Valley Trail.
Location: 135 Industrial Parkway North

Hill: Copland Park.
Head to the north side of the park – just off Aurora Heights Drive, beside the baseball diamond.
Location: Copland Park, 215 Aurora Heights Drive

Richmond Hill

Hill: Hunter’s Point Wildlife Park.
Popular for all ages, the hill at Hunter’s Point Park to neighbouring Chapman Park.
Location: Hunter’s Point Drive & Tiffany Gate

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