Winter-Proof Your Self Care Routine

Dry winter air is our skin and hair’s worst nightmare, but we can learn to fight back with easy to use body care products and some advice from local skin and hair experts.

“One of the easiest things you can do in winter is swap your usual moisturizer for a formula that’s slightly thicker and richer to combat the dry air,” advises Kimberly Crook, Owner and Aesthetician at Glow Day Spa in Barrie.
It’s important to repair your skin from the summer sun. Most people have sun damage and dehydration, says Darlene Price, Aesthetician & Owner of Skinsational in Barrie.

Sunscreen is a year-round necessity, recommends Crook. It’s not something many of us think about during the winter.

“You still get sun exposure in the winter months, especially due to reflection from the snow. We see people all the time with goggle marks from skiing. Sunblock is recommended during every season and is key when it comes to preventing signs of aging. Exposure to the sun can make the skin dry, leathery and cause dark spots over time,” informs Minjung Lee, Owner & Spa Director for The One Face & Body Bar in Barrie.

Price says lack of water in the tissue makes skin look like the desert under a magnifying glass. If not taken care of, these micro-lines will lead to future wrinkles – prevention is the key. Plus, don’t forget to exfoliate.

“Microdermabrasion is a great treatment for exfoliation. It vacuums out the pores and takes the dry layers of skin off the surface. After the treatment, your skin will feel very light and be able to breathe,” says Lee.

Protecting your lips in the winter is also essential to prevent cracking and creasing around the mouth.

“After you brush your teeth in the morning, apply a light layer of lip balm. Allow it to sink in before you apply your makeup. This will help your lips stay supple even when using matte formulas. Before you go to bed, coat your lips with a nourishing lip balm so your lips don’t dry out overnight,” suggests Crook.

Your hair needs love and care during winter too. Use shampoo and conditioner meant for your texture of hair, advises Anthony Rinaldi, Owner/Stylist of Rinaldi Salon & Spa in Barrie.

“Take all the moisture out of the hair before you apply the daily conditioner. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Apply a mask once a week. A mask is more intense and can go deeper into the hair shaft for hair that needs more repair. Leave it in for 5-10 minutes.”

There are also dry shampoos for in between washes to gently clean your scalp from excess oils and product. Add conditioning oil suited for your hair type after blow-drying. If your hair still feels like it needs more nutrition this winter, get a custom hair treatment in a salon, Rinaldi recommends.

Get advice from qualified professionals. They’re always your best source for choosing the right products for your skin and hair type.

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