Winter-Proof your Self-Care Routine

Canadian winters. They can be harsh, they can be cold, and they can be down-right unfriendly to our hair and our skin. While it’s impossible to avoid sleet and snow, there are a variety of things we can do to keep our hair and skin healthy all winter long. Say goodbye to dryness, breakage, and flaking with winter tips from our local experts. 

The simplest way to take care of both our skin and our hair is to make sure we stay hydrated. Adding extra hydration is as simple as drinking more water, but Elena Dyagileva, the owner of Bodega Wellness in Burlington, adds, “Another way to prevent dry skin during the winter months is to find a moisturizer you can use every day.” 

At Bodega Wellness, Dyagileva offers CBD products that are full of ingredients the skin loves. “CBD is proven to carry high anti-inflammatory properties while also being a natural antioxidant, signifying that it can help lessen the visible signs of aging skin,” she says. “By counteracting free-radical damage, CBD oils and creams may help diminish issues such as wrinkles, skin dullness, firmness, and reddish skin tones.”

The same can be said for hair care. Liana Cortina at Salon 360 in Aldershot says hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, “The winter takes the moisture right out of our hair. I always recommend a weekly deep conditioning mask for my clients. Let it sit on the hair for 20 minutes. You can also hydrate your hair over night with an oil. It’s important to put the moisture we lose back into the hair.”

Both Teo Manning, owner of Gyökér Hair in Oakville, and Laura Bradburn, owner of Styled Lounge in Burlington say extra hydration is a must. “In the winter, the efforts of moisturizing our hair should not necessarily be increased, but consistent. Winter can be very harsh, so, if you skip opportunities to moisturize your hair, it can quickly lead to breakage,” says Manning.

A common mistake is over-washing and over-styling our hair. By washing our hair every day and using products like hairspray and mousse, our hair is stripped of natural oils that the scalp needs.

“We often make the mistake of washing our hair too often,” Bradburn says. “Even with the right products, it can strip the good, natural stuff from your hair. Focus on training your hair to be washed less often by using dry shampoo instead of washing every day.” Liana adds, hot showers can dry our scalp and hair, so it’s best to rinse with lukewarm water. 

Before the cold sets in, Bradburn recommends getting a head-start on beating the dryness by using a multi-benefit product, such as a hair mask. Manning also suggests sleeping with a silk pillowcase or using a humidifier in your home to contribute to healthy hair.

The general consensus from all of our experts: moisture is key. The elements can be harsh and make our hair and skin more prone to damage – sun included. Invest in a good moisturizer, a great conditioner, and wear a hat (damp hair makes colour fade faster). With these tips, you’ll come out of the winter months glowing – even if you can’t take the much-needed vacation down south.

Written By: Allie Murray


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