Meet The Chef: Beaumont Kitchen

chef suyeong myeong

Suyeon Myeong is the new Chef de Cuisine at Beaumont Kitchen by Oliver & Bonacini restaurant’s in CF Sherway Gardens.  Suyeon hails from South Korea.  Suyeon was classically trained at the Cordon Bleu Ottawa, where she first met her mentor O&B district Chef Michael Hay. Suyeon draws on local bounty, her international experience and classical training to create the flavorful, comforting dishes Beaumont is becoming known for. The food at Beaumont draws from the Cal Ital style which creates rustic, humble and unpretentious fare. The menu is comprised of pastas, pizzas, salads, soups, fish and meat dishes.

Q: Where did you learn to cook?
A: I studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa. From there, I worked at a few local restaurants before opening my own with my husband, Chef Jonathan Harris.

Q: How was that experience?
A: The restaurant was only 34 seats, and we sourced everything from local farms. The lettuce would still have dew from being picked that morning, it was so fresh. We got to experiment with small plate recipes that really resonated with the community. It was a great experience.

Q: How did you end up at Oliver and Bonacini?
A: Chef Michael Bonacini filmed an episode of a food program with me a year ago, and when I became available I jumped at the opportunity to join.

Q: What can we expect on your menu at Beaumont Kitchen?
A: I think the best way to describe it would be cooking with soul. We’ve got a young, creative team who are passionate about cooking, and I love listening to their ideas.

Q: What’s your favourite dish on the menu?
A: I’d have to say the scallops with risotto. It’s just perfectly balanced and so tasty.

Experience Chef de Cuisine Suyeon Myeong’s New Menu At Beaumont Kitchen
CF Sherway Gardens, 25 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON
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