Patio Paradise: Elevate your Backyard Living Space With This Summer’s Trends

The season for outdoor leisure has finally arrived, so dust off your cushions. It’s prime patio time! Since the start of the pandemic, homeowners have invested more in their outdoor living spaces to design inviting retreats that cater to their needs.

A patio can become the ideal oasis for relaxing with a good book, socializing with friends and family, or simply connecting with nature while breathing in the fresh summer air. “People are creating tranquility in their own yard,” says Jay Real, Owner of Oakville Home Leisure. “They’re trying to recreate a vacation they’ve been on and experiences they’ve seen and felt elsewhere as an extension of their home.”

“Cabanas, kitchens, dining al fresco, technology with stereo systems and TVs are all things people are investing in,” explains Rose Luxton, Owner of Lakeside Livin’. “Outdoor spaces have evolved a lot.” Regardless of the size of your space, you can easily integrate elements of breezy resort living into a condo balcony or a complete backyard makeover with the following trends.


Design experts agree this season is all about cool blue hues. Common interpretations of this colour provide all the feelings you want to integrate into a dreamy staycation including calmness, serenity, and refreshment.

“You can incorporate a colour theme throughout your entire space,” says Luxton. “You can infuse it into striped fabrics, outdoor rugs, and pillows. Not only are we seeing a lot of blue this summer but orange, lime green, and other pops of colour too.”


Opt for pieces that evoke the comfort and luxury experienced on a beach vacation while creating a personalized look. There’s no need for the various elements to match.

“We’re seeing a movement away from sectionals back to sofas, loveseats, club chairs, and club swivels,” explains Real. “The trend in the industry still includes resin wicker, but it’s swaying more to aluminum and other materials as additional creative design elements are available. Mixing elements by pairing rustic teak tables with wicker dining is very popular.”


Accessories make memories! Take the opportunity to select pieces representative of your lifestyle from kid-friendly corners to sophisticated spaces for empty nesters.

“Pillows with sayings are always embraced,” says Luxton. “Outdoor metal artwork is a great way to decorate brick walls and fences. People are also veering toward natural tones and woods because you can always mix and match any trend with sustainable outdoor wood foundations.”


Sun protection is as important on your deck as it is on a tropical vacation. Retractable shades and umbrellas featuring breathable fabrics and UVstable finishes will help keep you cool and safe from harmful rays.

“Shade is at the top end of everyone’s scale of what they’re looking for,” says Real. “In this climate, people are also opting for cantilevers with rolling bases so they can move the umbrella around their backyard and adjust to the changing seasons.”

Must Haves

Ambiance is the hottest trend you can add to your patio space this summer. Luxton’s pick is, “Hanging solar lanterns that have the look of real flames to create that lustre and [cozy] feeling when you are sitting outside.”

Real chooses fire features. “Everybody loves to gather around a fire as it can be used for heat or ambiance,” he says. “Dekko ultra-modern fire pits are absolutely spectacular.”

By Nicole Hilton

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