Monaghan’s Sports Pub and Grill

Monaghan’s Sports Pub and Grill


If you’re looking for a lively place to hang out with friends, Monaghan’s Sports Pub and Grill fits the bill. From food & drink to live music and events, Monaghan’s has all of the ingredients for a good night out.

Not only does Monaghan’s have a number of screens to take in the big game, but they also have the perfect assortment of fried offerings to enjoy it with, including: fried calamari ($17.50), onion rings ($12), potato skins ($13), and mozzarella sticks ($15.50). The highlight is Monaghan’s famous roaster wings (10 for $20) which have 26 different flavours to pick from.

What would a pub be without fish and chips? Monaghan’s beer-battered haddock ($18) is fried until crisp and served with fries & coleslaw. You should also try their buttermilk chicken tenders ($19) if you can’t get enough of that deep-fried, golden-brown shell.

On Saturday nights, Monaghan’s hosts live music concerts where local musicians perform. Here, they dim the lights and set the stage for talented singers, guitarists, and bands alike. Who knows? A night at Monaghan’s may introduce you to your new favourite band.


1289 Marlborough Ct, Oakville, ON L6H 2R9

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