Meet The Chef: Familia Fine Foods – A Local Family Business in Burlington

Meet Familia Fine Foods

Luis Velasquez & Juliana Berrio are the owners of Familia Fine Foods in Burlington. We asked them a few questions about their restaurant, their style of cooking, and the inspiration behind Familia.

What was your inspiration for starting Familia Fine Foods?

Combining our love for food with our love for family was the inspiration for Familia Fine Foods. We know the importance of family time, and the convenience of having a wholesome, homemade, ready-to-eat meal on your table gives families more of that priceless time to make memories with their kids.

What were you doing before Familia Fine Foods?

We were both working in corporate environments. We realized that life is short and doing something fulfilling is so important. We started Familia Fine Foods in 2014 and it was the best decision we ever made.

What do you offer at Familia?

Restaurant: Our restaurant is a warm space where we have healthy lunches and daily specials. We also have Colombian Coffee and prepared meals ready to go.
Prepared Meals: We offer a monthly menu with healthy hand crafted (take home) dinners for the whole family. Visit our website to see the menu ( and place your order online.
Catering: We offer catering for any special occasion. Our most popular option is the Taco Bar, but we offer solutions for anything from business meetings to weddings.

What type of cuisine do you specialize in?

Handmade with love is our motto, and of course we put a little Latin touch in every single meal we make! We all know there’s nothing like a hot, wholesome meal made from scratch with tons of TLC  to end the day perfectly, and that is exactly why we started Familia Fine Foods.

Visit Familia Fine Foods for Lunch or Take Away Meals
17- 3245 Harvester Rd., Burlington, ON  |  905.632.9299  |


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