Our Favourite Day is Fry-Day

You probably don’t think twice when asked, “Would you like a side of fries with that?” But it’s time to give this popular accompaniment the attention it deserves. Despite their seeming simplicity, it’s shockingly easy to get fries horribly wrong. Often, they’re greasy, pale, and as alluring as the cardboard box housing your morning cereal. Yet, served hot, golden, and just kissed with salt, properly-made French fries are one of life’s grandest pleasures. Here’s our guide to help you find some of the best fries being dished out in Oakville and Burlington.


Chippy’s Fresh Cut Fries


Get back to basics at one of Oakville’s premier chip wagons. Once you spot the bright yellow exterior, prepare to pull over for made-to-order, hand-cut fries topped simply with salt, Chippy’s seasoning
or gravy.

Gingerman Social Eatery


Knowing that nothing goes with a great burger like equally delicious fries, the team here works with Yukon Gold potatoes, cutting them thin, frying them to order and serving them as-is or as poutine, smothered in peppercorn beef gravy. An assortment of sauces, from chipotle mayo to garlic aioli, make great alternatives to Heinz.

Just Braise Sandwiches


Killer gourmet sandwiches draw crowds but Just Braise’s fries are the sleeper hit at this Fortino’s plaza denizen. Russet potatoes are hand-washed and cut, the skin left on for added texture. Then, they’re double-fried to a deep golden brown. Made to order, these beauties are always fresh and give Just Braise’s unique, gourmet sandwiches some serious competition.

Sammy’s Famous Chip Wagon


Bronte landmark, Sammy’s Famous Old Fashion Chip Wagon is a family favourite. With potatoes cut into fries in-front of mouth watering guests – it doesn’t get fresher than this.  Crisp and crunchy, they make a perfect evening snack or casual lunchtime treat.

Bru Restaurant


Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. What more do you want when it comes to the perfect fry? Always freshly cut and browned with the skin left on, these french fries, served in a heap, have the perfect balance of smoothness and crunch. Severed with a with a side of roasted garlic aioli, they may be just too good to share..


Spencer’s at the Waterfront


Featuring farm-to-table cuisine, Spencer’s is known for local plates and tranquil lakeside views. Choosing between mains can be tricky but a side of fries is a must. Cut from fresh Yukon Gold potatoes, Spencer’s fries are first blanched, then finished in hot oil until deeply bronzed. Finished with pine salt and presented with house mayo, they’re a perfect match to whichever main you choose.

Charcoal Pit


A local landmark, “The Big Pit” has been dishing out robust, Greek-Canadian diner classics since 1969. Hand-cut, and twice fried, potatoes arrive superlatively crisp and lustrous. Served simply salted or Greek-style, with feta, oregano, and lemon juice, they’re habit-forming,
french fry nirvana. 

Easterbrooks Hot Dog Stand

A retro diner, tailor-made for Instagram pics, Canada’s “2nd Oldest Hot Dog Stand” serves more than two dozen varieties of foot-long hot dogs and fast-food style French fries. Crisp and thin, these are the fries you want close by when cravings hit.

The French Fry Guy

It’s lucky this nondescript food truck is somewhat off the beaten path or there’d be line-ups down the street. Here, PEI’s finest russet potatoes are sliced down to steak-cut size, then double-fried. Golden and delicately crisp yet perfectly tender at their core, they’re what every potato aspires to be.

Rust Bistrobar


A menu infused with international flavours keeps locals returning to this popular spot. Here, the kitchen gives russet potatoes the frite treatment — cutting them thin, then frying them twice to maximize crunch. Tossed in truffle oil and herbs, then finished with salt, pepper, and parmesan they’re a gourmet choice well worth the calorie splurge. 

by Christine Peddie

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