Meet the Maker – Blue Skies Custom Woodwork

Meet Designer Steve Culumovic of Blue Skies Custom Woodwork

How did you get started?

30 years ago, a friend and I started a business rough framing homes in Oakville. From there, I became interested in the finer aspects of furniture and cabinet making and began to make that transition.

Can you tell us about your approach to woodworking?

 My approach is to make everything the best way I can, not the cheapest. I’m conscientious about design and my use of materials. It’s important to me not to make a disposable product.

What types of wood do you typically work with?

Mainly local domestics; walnut, cherry and lately a lot of ash, utilizing trees affected by the Emerald ash borer. I recently finished a commission for Appleby College, building a 7’x24’ boardroom table out of ash which had to be removed from their campus.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love being in my shop and I’m always happy building things. Combine that with customers bringing me their ideas, sketches or photos of what they want, and I’m inspired.

What else do you build?

Kitchens, built-ins and millwork. I design and build my kitchens by hand, using durable joinery, brushed-on finishes that can be repainted, hand-turned knobs… not the kind of kitchen that gets torn out and tossed when trends change.

Blue Skies Custom Woodwork

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