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While the new year is usually when we kick-start our fitness regime, there’s never a ‘right’ time to begin your personal journey with the gym. Having said that, many personal trainers believe “there’s no better time to get started than today”.

Regardless of your experience, going to the gym can be intimidating as heck. But, if you work up the courage to jump (or lunge) in, stay committed and focused, you’ll come to learn there’s a little something for everyone.

A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Fitness

A gym is a great option for many – but Alana Connell, owner and personal trainer at Barbella Studio in Burlington, stresses four walls and equipment will not create a lasting change.

We’ve seen it before, maybe we’ve done it before: set new year’s resolutions, purchase a gym membership, maybe try a workout or two….and then never step foot in the gym again. Why is this? Alana says, “We purchase a gym membership with a vision to be the best version of ourselves. But motivation is temporary. When it comes to working on our wellness and fitness, connection, community, and support are the key to success.”

At Barbella Studio, building a community is the key focus, and to maintain a connection, Alanna brings the gym online. “Not everyone is an online workout person, however, having constant check-ins, connection, conversation, support – those kick-in-the-pants messages – are a MUST.”

Jess Zawadowicz, owner and personal trainer at Bar None Fitness in Burlington agrees, saying, “Being motivated is important. Sometimes we need motivation from another person or thing – but ideally, internal motivation leads to long-term success. Though, it may not always start that way.”

So, you’re ready to be motivated but what kind of fitness regimen works best? Both Alana and Jess say it depends. There is no one workout that’s perfect for everyone and everyone’s goals are different. What people do need, however, is consistency and to find joy in what they’re doing. Most people find that working with an expert will help you get to a place where you actually look forward to your daily fitness rather than loathe it.

Jess says before hitting the gym, it’s important to figure out why you’re seeking the gym out in the first place. Do you want to get in shape? Find a community? Do you need to get your health under control? These are all questions to ask yourself. Then, you can take it from there and it helps to have a professional guide you, especially in the beginning.

Alana says “When you work with an expert, they can support you and adapt your workouts to your current needs, because we’re all human. Our energy, mood, and life changes day in and day out.”  She also adds, your workout should never be the same from week to week. You aren’t the same week to week and your workouts should reflect that.

Alana and Jess would agree that you get what you put into it, and they believe that – even if you’ve been working out for a while – hiring a personal trainer is a great way to challenge yourself.  “People need a mentor, someone to push them (we all need the push), someone to work with you on nutrition ideas, someone to help you when you hit a plateau or roadblock, someone who cares as much about your success as you do,” says Alana. Which is why, at Barbella, Alana makes herself available in many forms – group setting, private, and online coaching, allowing users to schedule their fitness into their life rather than around it. Jess adds trainers aren’t just for beginners.

Do you want to jump higher? Be stronger? Have shredded arms? Or toned abs? Whatever it is, a personal trainer is in your corner – encouraging you and hyping you up. And that almost feels as good as slipping back into your favourite pair of high school jeans.

Written By: Anneliese Lawton

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