A Burlington Mom’s Viral Post on Motherhood Landed Her A Book Deal – And She’s Our Editor!

In September 2018, our editor, Anneliese Lawton, took to Facebook to write about the differences in post-op care between her c-section and her parotidectomy (a surgery to remove her parotid gland after a tumor was found wrapped around her facial nerves). She couldn’t understand why the two surgeries had such different post-op experiences. The post, which described her struggles with postpartum depression and accessing postpartum resources, went viral in just hours. Six million moms from all over the world nodded in unison, all agreeing that support for postpartum mothers, especially those struggling with their mental health, was far from perfect. There was (and is) work to do, and Anneliese has made it her life’s work to advocate for change.

I am proud to announce that this October an extension of that post will be hitting shelves at all major bookstores (and some incredible local businesses), as Anneliese releases her new (and first) book, Welcome to the Jungle: A Frantic Journey Through Motherhood and Self-Discovery. Anneliese believes that getting lost in motherhood is easy – but what’s not easy is understanding why. While navigating motherhood and facing the unexpected (back-to-back high-risk pregnancies, postpartum depression, and a rare tumour), she had an awakening. 

Throughout this memoir, Anneliese pinpoints the moments in her life where she truly lost herself, as she comes to understand the power motherhood holds in finally discovering her true self. Filled with unfiltered thoughts and perspectives on womanhood, Welcome to the Jungle isn’t just another parenting book on the highs and lows of motherhood; it will spur a conversation that mothers didn’t know they needed to have.

Local businesses Vereda Central and Chickadee Kids Co will be hosting book signings this October.  You can follow Anneliese on Instagram @annielawton_ to keep up with her appearances and book tour. 

You can purchase Welcome to the Jungle as of October 1st at Artisanville in Burlington, Lakeside Livin’ in Oakville and Piper’s Closet in Hamilton, in addition to Chapters, Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. 

Congratulations Anneliese! 

By Tim Root


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