The Solo Date Days Pass Is Back in Downtown Burlington

 The Burlington Downtown Business Association (BDBA) is excited to welcome back its Solo Date Days digital passport program for a second year! 

The first year for this initiative was so successful we just had to do it again! The Solo Date Days pass takes you through Burlington Downtown on a journey of self-discovery and appreciation. Stop in at 17 different downtown businesses and enjoy some shopping and pampering while discovering and supporting local. 

The pass is free to sign up for and easy to use. Once you have signed up for your pass, you will receive an email or text notification to your phone, allowing you to easily save the pass to your phone’s home screen. Simply open the pass when visiting a participating business to check-in and start your experience! Participating businesses include retail businesses, personal and wellness services, casual dining and more. 

Grab a sweet treat, shop handmade goodies, get your fit on, or book a pick-me-up at the salon. Spend your days exploring a variety of experiences, from shopping to dining, relaxation to wellness, all in your own backyard. The beauty of the pass is that users can make it their own. Craft your own day of self-appreciation and care, based on what works for you. With 30 days to utilize your pass, the options feel limitless. 

Contest prizing is available to those participating in this pass. Each check-in and redemption, at each store, is assigned a points value. For example, 150 points for a check-in and 100 points for a redemption. Users collect points as they work to complete the pass. Every 1,000 points collected can be exchanged for one (1x) entry to a random draw to win one of 3 (three) $50.00 Downtown Gift Cards, redeemable at over 70 businesses in Burlington Downtown. Each check-in and redemption gets you a little bit closer, what’s not to love? 

“The Solo Date Days pass encourages residents and visitors alike to enjoy some pampering and self-love while supporting downtown businesses,” says Alison Policicchio, Marketing Manager for the BDBA, adding “whether you’re ending a long week, getting ready to start a new one, or just looking for some quiet personal time, there is a stop on this pass for everyone. You get all the feel-good vibes while making a powerful impact in your community, and that’s really something.” 

The Solo Date Days pass will run from June 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2023. Sign up today for free at: 

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