Trends in Tiles for the Kitchen or Bathroom 

If you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, one of the first decisions you’ll make is around tile. Whether for walls or floors, the tiles you choose will help define the overall look of your space, and its prominence can make the decision-making process overwhelming, if not harrowing. It doesn’t help that today’s tile selection is more robust than ever, posing both a benefit and a challenge. 

White or bright? Stone or wood? Regardless of your preference, today’s tiles come in an array of designs ranging from wood to stone, neutrals to bright hues.

The latest trends indicate a preference for large format tiles (24-inch x 24-inch and larger), according to Victoria Di Fonzo, operations manager for Deco-Tile in Oakville. “We’re excited to see the warmer tones coming back into style,” says Di Fonzo. “Warm whites and warm greys are making a comeback.” 

The Japandi trend, which marries Japanese and Scandinavian, is popular and continues to mature, says Aaron Lamers, operations manager for Barton Bath + Floor in Hamilton. “Think soft tones and subtle textures paired with natural maple and beech wood and linear accenting.”

Homeowners looking to brighten up their space, and rebuff the safety of beige, can find inspiration among tile lines offering bold gemstone shades, along with pastel green, peach and light blue. “They can be applied as cheery accents for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes,” recommends Lamers. 

An up-and-coming trend for kitchen backsplashes is square ceramic tiles, says Di Fonzo, that offer a glossy Zellige (or handmade) look. However, retro patterns with smaller rectangle tiles are still trending, according to Lamers, along with longer subway tiles that have that same irregular handmade look and colour shading. 

For bathroom renovations, clients are using tile to cover more surfaces than ever before, which can help greatly with maintenance over time. Customers are also leaning toward large format tiles for bathrooms which limits the prevalence of grout joints. “It gives the space a larger look and is easier to clean,” says Di Fonzo. 

Tiles play an important role in the design of your dream kitchen or bathroom. Store samples are often available for loan to assist you in your choice, and online tools that help visualize how your room will look can greatly ease the design process. 

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