Sticking to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Ah, the New Year — a time when we try to morph into fitness gurus overnight. But as January fades, so do our intentions. Suddenly, gym bags gather dust, and our running shoes seem to vanish into thin air.

Sound familiar? Don’t despair. 

Here’s how to stick to your fitness goals through the winter and beyond.

Find the fun in fitness
Does the thought of jogging make you want to run and hide? Does the idea of swimming make you want to dive under your covers?
If it doesn’t excite you, chances are you won’t stick with it. To improve the odds of achieving your fitness goals, find something that’s challenging but enjoyable for you. 

Love to dance? Maybe jazzercise is your calling. It’s not just fun; it improves balance, flexibility, overall tone and cardiovascular health. 

Maureen Perkovic from Jazzercize Oakville Fitness says, “There’s something about dance — it ignites our bodies and fires up our brains. Even a few minutes of dancing in the morning before you leave the house changes how you walk out into the world. Find whatever it is that motivates you to move.” 

Whether it’s lifting weights in a bustling gym or following a calming yoga class online at home, discovering “your thing” helps boost your commitment.

Set a schedule that suits you
Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and create a realistic schedule tailored to your lifestyle. Setting specific, achievable goals and a consistent exercise schedule increases the likelihood you won’t throw in the towel. Whether it’s a lunchtime Pilates session or an evening bike ride, find a time that works best for you and make it part of your routine. 

Prioritize nutrition, hydration & sleep
Fuel your body like the sophisticated machine it is. A balanced diet, proper hydration and quality sleep are crucial. Meal planning can help avoid impulsive food choices, and be sure to keep well hydrated. Also make sleep a priority — it’s not just for dreaming but also for muscle recovery and repair.

Community counts
Finding a community of like-minded fitness seekers can keep you accountable. Plus, it’s more fun than embarking on a fitness journey alone. Join a fitness class, sign up for a running group or hop onto social media where exercise enthusiasts share tips and encouragement.

Shelley Frank enjoys her gym community so much, she and a group of members bought the gym! Operating Element CrossFit Oakville is now a team effort. 

“There’s just this sense of belonging because CrossFit focuses on community and working out with fitness-focused friends. It’s comforting being in a place of non-judgment, sharing successes and a lot of laughter. It’s why I show up every day,” says Shelley. 

“CrossFit might be for you if you’re like me and get bored quickly. The group workouts, led by certified coaches, are different every day, and scalable to your fitness level.” 

Be accountable
Pair up with a friend, family member or colleague who shares your fitness goals. Having an accountability partner significantly increases exercise adherence. Someone counting on you to be there can be a powerful motivator.

Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint
Set goals, but make them realistic, actionable and sustainable. Instead of committing to a daily 5 a.m. gym routine (especially if you’re not a morning person), start with simple steps like going for a walk or running on the treadmill for ten minutes. Gradually increase the intensity as you feel comfortable. 

Fitness isn’t just about weight management and sculpting your body — it’s about feeling energized, confident and healthy from the inside out. So, make your resolutions, but approach them with a realistic and sustainable mindset, setting the stage for a fulfilling fitness journey for years
to come. 

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